July Update 2018: San Antonio and Hotel Havana

Had a work trip in San Antonio and wanted to find a super cool hotel to stay at, hence finding the Havana. A sweet antique type hotel that was small, off the tourist riverwalk and smelled good. Had a cool restaurant and attached bar. Check it out below, I also flew out of Texarkana which was pretty sweet, on an old ERJ-140. Love the vintage planes.


It’s not much, but I think it’s totally rad. Like an aviation nerd’s kind of fun. Small airports are the best.


Vintage planes, vintage blinds, old school airport seats, the smell of the 70s, ah Texarkana.

Continue on below to see my journey to SA.

First stop after checking in to the hotel was finding a gluten free spot, I found a place called 5-Points Local. A gluten free eatery near my hotel Havana. However they were out of almost everything I ended up getting a basic white bitch yoga bowl of some sorts with meat. It was good, but not dinner worthy what so ever. Bonus points for having gluten free beer that isn’t red bridge!


any gf beer thats not red bridge is a treat

This that 2018 trendy bullshit bowl. Was tasty, but wheres the chicken and waffles bruh?

Hotel Havana

At first I thought it was going to be a bad stay because she gave me the room 12 which is RIGHT next to the check in desk. However once the AC or fan is on you can’t hear much. However you do hear a lot of creaking from the foot steps on the steps, but not much.

This hotel is legit, I’m glad I stayed away from the river walk, this is like a B&B almost which is historic, smells of incense, and has a quite charm. The room was spacious, bathroom & shower legit. The products by Red Flower were in the large containers which is only reason for 4 stars. Anybody can open up the shampoo and spit it in or who knows what, then the next guest gets to use it! GROSS. Change back to stand alone products. It’s disgusting without them.

The restaurant had nothing labeled gluten free or a gluten free menu, so did not eat there. However the bar on the bottom floor was EPIC, totally dark, great atmosphere, however worst bartender I’ve encountered in a long time. I’d stay here again. Also don’t book through third party, Hotel Havana told me they always will beat or have the lowest rates.

You could literally peak into the diners below from your bedroom window.


Fridge full of soft drinks and authentic Havana style tastys.


Vegan Twinkie I got from 5 Points Local (was actually the best part of the meal lol)


the bar at hotel Havana, a cozy dark, yet sophisticated place with great atmosphere and one shitty bartender


Don’t lose your key! Otherwise it’s $50


Peak at the dining patrons! Creeper Status!


“hey bro, will u take my pic in front of the hotel” thanks.


Then to the SA convention center for our work food show. No pictures but cool experience. I loved this photo because it shows the Hemisphere 1968 Fare Grounds!


Back home to Texarkana, what a great short trip. Awesome airport, great hotel.


Thanks for checking out my July update!