Trip to Whistler, BC and a stay at the Four Seasons

After leaving our two night stay in Seattle, Washingting we took a 11PM flight to Vancouver then drove on up to Whistler to stay at the Four Seasons Resort! We wanted to wake up to a mountain of beauty. What I wish was that it was covered in white white snow, but the view was equally amazing.

After we went through first part of immigration we came along to this part, where it had waterfalls running down aside the escalators as well as huge totem poles, just like at Canada EPCOT!

Continuing on our immigration Journey!

This was once you made it through security post departure. Was getting excited smelling that fresh Canada air!
Ok now where to find our rental car?! Also spotted a Tim Hortons already!
I def woke up happy camper.

This is the only way to do Whistler it doesn’t get any better than this. Also gluten free options and such a beautiful property. Friendly staff that upgraded us to suites each night and easy access to the market. Valet was friendly and the views did I say? Also the hotel room itself was plush lush and that of a fortune 500 company. Would stay again A++.

That’s in for our journey to Whistler Adventure, tune in tomorrow for the rest of our journey to the Whistler Olypmic Village! If you missed yesterdays blog check it out below: