Vancouver, BC & First Class Flights

The last day of our great Canadian journey has come to an end, sad to say, but it just goes to show Canada truly is a place you can go time and time again. Every time I go to Canada it’s an amazing experience, I can’t say that for the USA, someone is always drunk or on crack around here or doesn’t give a fuck about their job and shits on the customers. Let’s jump into it with some photos.

This was a view from a roadside stop off. Amazing views!

See you next time Four Seasons

The front entrance, our last views leaving out.

Now we are headed down to Seattle to catch a plane, was a lot cheaper to drive from Whistler to Seattle than a flight on this particular day, however the drive or aka the “golden mile” was an entire stretch of beauty. I’m glad we drove, it’s a must.

First and only stop in Vancouver was “Granville Island”. Vancouvers #1 thing to do according to TripAdvisor.

Exploring Granville Island

Check out the photo gallery below of exploring Granville Island, it had some rad art installations, great restaurants and awesome shops. The market was even cooler!

Super cool boats everywhere!

Granville Island Market

Alaskan Airlines & United 787 Dreamliner

So for this leg of our journey after we hit up Vancouver we carried on across the border, after that we drove into Seattle and slept at a hotel near the airport. We then woke up at 5am to catch an Alaskan Airlines flight from Seattle to Los Angeles. From Los Angeles we then re-checked our bags and boarded a 787 Dreamliner First Class aka Lie Flat Seats.

Now why would I do this instead of a direct flight from SEA? Because there was plenty of options from SEA -> HOU to take but we all wanted to fly the dreamliner, for almost the same cost I just did a simple re-route using google flights and made it possible. Not everyone wants to recheck backs but to be able to fly on the Dreamliner is ALWAYS an excuse to go the extra mile. The Dreamliners are new aircrafts with fresh cabins and flexible cabins which can handle more air pressure, aka less jet lag, less groggyness. Come on!

Crossing the Canadian border, check their app for wait times.


Overall was an amazing trip to Canada, the worst part of entire trip? Me pre-booking a gluten free meal on United and them bringing me pure gluten (you saw the picture). Trying to tell me it was allergy meal, United is going to kill someone one day. Everything else was amazing. Thanks for checking out my journey and be sure to stay tuned for the next. If you missed yesterdays blog check it out below.