Weekend in Denver by Frontier Airlines

I’ve been wanting to go to Denver for awhile, haven’t been since I was a kid. Little Rock Airport finally got Frontier Airlines which is a low cost carrier based out of Denver so now was the best opportunity to take advantage of low fares! I think it ended up being around $150/per person round trip. Plus we upgraded to the front extra leg room seats which was like $20/person I think. Overall Frontier airlines was a pleasant experience, cool plane designs and was a spacious A320. I’d fly them again, seems like low cost carriers are becoming better than United + American! This w

Boarding our A320 Air Frontier, I think our animal was goat. (on the tail, haha)

Denver Airport

Before & After review of Denver Airport, it was pretty cool, large enough to accomodate a lot of people but easy enough to navigate around. Some of the terminals seem like went on for a mile. The tram is cool, also their is a restaurant I’ll post below that has GLUTEN FREE food, like CHICKEN AND WAFFLES, such an amazing place and would go to Denver just to eat there, check it out below.

Hotel Check-In

I picked this place Kimpton Hotel Monaco review as follow:

Friendly staff, A+ gluten free friendly restaurant.

However I am sick and tired of being taken advantage of by hotels that claim to be “luxury”. Why do you have bottles of water that are $10 in the room that are free when I go ask the front desk? I absolutely hate hotels that do this kind of crap. $5 sure $3 even better.

Got room service one night, all gluten free, simply amazing food though.

I use to always stay at luxury properties until I realized they could give a hoot about you, they want your money, doh. At least don’t do it so blatantly. Back to Hyatts and Drury Inn’s I go. Sick of penny pinchers, also the lobby you can walk in see it then leave, the room was like 250 sq foot for $300. Why do I keep doing this, grr. These hotels have go to be changed from this behavior.

The hotel restaurant however is by far the best place to eat in Denver out of the 4 spots we found, however it’s pricey but so damn delicious and gluten free. Panzano is a place to try if your in Denver area. Restaurant dining below.

The Next Morning… “Just Be”

Eh, I went here because Yelp lead me to a close spot nearby that had gluten free options. This place is a hipster restaurant that caters to the paleo alternative dining crowd. I do like the interior and design however the layout of the restaurant is a mess. You order at the back from a large chalkboard menu then you get a table number. Nobody told us we have to wait in another line for our drinks/coffee/etc.

Menu of Just Be, like holy shit, anyone got 30 minutes to read a fucking novel. Fucking hipsters.

We finally went up after 10 minutes and asked about drinks and there was a pink haired fairy moving at a snails pace making drinks for about 10 people. To sum it up, we got our food, ate our entire meal, still did not get our drinks nor did the fairy catch up on making drinks. If you can’t knock out 10 drinks in less then 10 minutes, please stop offering so many options of “butter” “kabocha mimosas” etc. Make the drink menu simplified so your mixologist can actually have them out before peoples food arrives.

I’ve never been to a restaurant in my life that the drinks were not even ready after I’ve eaten my meal. I would also advice to stop taking customers orders until you’ve finished knocking out drinks and get behind there and help them out. A few lessons in business management would take this place far. The line of people for drinks + food encroaching on the diners was eh. Make a dedicated line away from customers or move the ordering to the front of the restaurant. Sorry to rant but I was blown away. The food? It was decent for being gluten free, awesome options. I will return.

Denver Science Museum

We wanted to go to the Zoo the first day but it was like Day Boo at the Zoo and was totally packed, like literally the busiest parking lot I’ve seen out of 50+ zoo’s. So we said we’d go Sunday or we would return that night for “Boo at the Zoo”. The Science museum was also top-rated for Denver, however this was a shit museum, Houston + Dallas Science museums blow this shit out of the water. I guess I forget being from Texas does have some of the best attractions.

Denver Botanical Garden

This I was wanting to be totally rad and cool except we did go in October and everything was basically dead. Should have asked for a refund, literally everything was closed or grown over, leaves, garbage, just a total shit show. To be honest at this point we decided Denver attractions were 1/5 on the entertainment factor. I think Denver got it’s name for Weed, also next time we decided to get the fuck out of Denver and just go to the mountains. Also was 1000’s of homeless people everywhere.

Boo at the Zoo

Was just that, BOOO! We were told all of the exhibits would be open and it’s like a normal day at the Zoo, fuck they were so wrong, only 1/4th of the Zoo was open, totally dark, no exhibits lit up, nothing happening except little kids running around collecting M&M’s at different areas, total fucking bullshit. Also said it was a 14+ event, however there were ONLY little kids and babies there, what the fuck. Also wreaked like marijuana the entire time. This was a bunch of shit and pissed me off more than anything, made me say Fuck Denver.

Candy! No animals!

For almost $50 for the both of us only about 10% of the zoo was open, you could not see any exhibits and 90% of the zoo was blocked off. Children do not bother us, however when the ticket says 14+ only and there was literally 10000 toddlers and children everywhere it makes you wander what’s really going on. There were beer booths and 1 food booth, and stations set up for candy. To be honest, there is 0 reason to go to Boo at the Zoo, sure its fun to run around with kids and get candy but you can do that anywhere. Boo at the Zoo at dark was a complete lie of what we were told would be available to see do.

Butterfly Exhibit & Antique Mall

So on the last day we said fuck Denver let’s just go to an antique mall after being bitter of the all the shitty “top attractions”. Maybe I’m just spoiled since I’ve been to so many, but it also shows me the potential of places. The butterfly exhibit we hit up on the way to the Airport, a pretty cool spot with spiders, butterfly’s, bees, I’d totally have my birthday here.

Good antique mall, but not much Disney vintage!
the END, thank you for checking out our weekend in Denver, it was decent.

Would I go back? Yes but I for sure would not stay in the city limits of Denver with so much around in the mountains. The whole city was like a college dorm room, homeless, marijuana shops that looked like trailer parks on every corner, trash and overall a depressing vibe. That’s just my opinion but I’ve been a lot of places that are 1000 times better and more managed.

If you missed last week’s blog post check it out below:

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