Toronto Like a Tourist Part 1

I’ve never done a “mileage run” before, nor have I heard of it before actually becoming a United Premier Silver member. Basically once you fly a lot on a certain airline you get rewarded if you hit a certain number of miles, qualifying segments and dollars spent per 1 year. Reading that if you don’t hit it within 1 year after the new year comes around you lose all progress, so it would be a shame for me to miss “silver” status and all it’s perks by only $250.

So I decided to book a flight to Toronto for the weekend which ended up in a 4 night trip due to delays of course (classic United). I’ll explain more about Premier Silver status by United laater on. I did all the major tourist things and then some, especially when your gluten free you always know it’s going to lead you off the beaten path to more authentic local spots which is a bonus.

I love flying 40,000 feet viewing the cloud grounds, it’s Care Bear world eh!
After customs these are the international arrivals, it’s massive!

Uber to Hotel, Check-In and Adventure

So after I waited for parents to arrive we got an uber to a hotel which was reasonably priced and right near all the action. However the week we went all the hotel prices were like 400% over normal cost which I didn’t realize so I’d recommend after reading my Hilton review below do not stay at this hotel no matter the costs. You will see our hotel choice after leaving this hotel was 100 times better and more friendly.

Double Tree by Hilton
108 Chestnut Street
Toronto, ON M5G 1R3

All in all this review is a bit different, It usually takes a lot for me to rate 1 star on a hotel, especially one that’s charging $300+ a night. To sum it up if you want a refund or to check out early because of the construction or for any reason this hotel will not do it. I was told multiple times to speak with Matthew Smith the revenue manager, I went to the front desk multiple times to speak to him, he would not show up or come out of his office. They kept telling me they will get with him and then leave a message for me. Matthew Smith, I hope you read this and next time come speak to a valued customer who traveled all the way across the country to stay at this hotel. Our entire trip to Toronto was tainted by this one action of not being able to service one customer for one night because of a multitude of hotel issues.

The rooms are super small, the construction is unbearable (cannot sleep in after 5:30AM), the staff is rude, also the parking garage is a nightmare. There was mold in our shower, we finally sucked up the $300 loss and took our business to The Annadore House, I HIGHLY recommend checking out this place first before this hotel at all costs.

Stay away from this Hotel, Matthew Smith the manager wants nothing to do with guests or guest interactions. Also, please don’t comment some garbage about service on my review for your benefit, you know you screwed over a customer so suck it up and deal with it. Fuck you Matthew Smith, you pussy ass bitch

We were stuck behind Spiderman in traffic on the way to Hibiscus for lunch!

First Stop, Kensington Market

So after check-in we decided to find a close gluten free restuarant which happened to be called Hibiscus, I’ve heard of K Market before but didn’t plan on going because looked like Austin, TX which it pretty much was. But I knew that’s where all the vegan/gf spots would be so here we go! It was a totally rad place and good intro to Canada.

Hibiscus Menu, totally gluten free.

The main lady at the front was a gorgeous vegan, wow wow we wow, and super friendly and gave us advice on where to go as tourists. We had the cauliflower soup, some crepes, and I had a glutenberg gluten free beer! Be sure to check this place out, totally rad. Always great ratings for an all gluten free restaurant. Overall, I’d recommend it, rad spot.

Anyways let’s continue on checking out Kensington Market Below:

Ended up in China Town I think, had to find a Krispy Kreme to use a bathroom!

Spotted this rad ass Rolls SUV.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

After lunch and shopping around the market decided to hit up the Aquarium, now this wasn’t on my main to do but since we had extra time now I figured had to go. It is like TripAdvisor’s TOP thing to do in Toronto. It was a 2/5 on “Aquariums” per say but the real attraction is the long tunnel where you walk “through” the aquarium.

A train museum across the street, to cool.
If you like Hockey eh!

CN Tower, Views from the 6!

Now I learned from the Seattle Needle you need to go up in these things, at first you always think they are a tourist trap but you know what, they are a damn good one. Since this needle got totally refurbished not long ago it was a must do, also the gift shop here is second to none.

First some tourist photos in the front.
It’s literally right next door to the Aquarium so legit!
Aquarium side entrance is better than the front
Wow so much larger than Seattle’s by 1000ft!

Off to the Toronto Christmas Festival

Inspired by the Old World and influenced by the new, this month-long event celebrates the sounds, sights and scents of Christmas. Set in the Victorian-era, cobblestone-lined Distillery Historic District, the Christmas Market brings together local craftspeople, musicians and artisanal food-makers for a truly festive experience. Sip on mulled wine and European-style Christmas cocktails as you browse through the selection of hand-made ornaments, wood carvings and crafts. Then cozy up by the fire or take in carollers, brass bands and authentic European dancers.

This is must do during Christmas time, was totally packed but worth it. Go on a slow day or early!
My favorite photo during the festival, was like a total Hallmark movie moment.
I bought some of these, totally rad.
This sums of the Christmas Festival, cider & rum, cider & vodka, and repeat.

Thank you for viewing Part 1 of my Toronto Tourist journey, stay tuned for tomorrows blog where we hit up the ZOO, plus another Christmas Festival! If you missed the last blog post check it out below: