Toronto Zoo Review 2018

My favorite part of any trip, the ZOO! I think this will be like Zoo 50, but who’s counting. I’m pretty sure I’m the most qualified Zoo reviewer in the world at this point. I’ll get to all of them one day. So jump in the tram and come along for my Toronto Zoo Review, photos, insights, and wonderful polar bears. This will be my first official international Zoo adventure!

I yelled some African name and he turned around, almost started to run.

Let’s go! First stop driving through the City.

We got in our rental and headed off to Toronto Zoo which was about a 45 minute drive from downtown Toronto. By far the farthest Zoo from a major metro city but driving in a new area is always an adventure of it’s own.

Almost looked like Times Square in New York City!
Here we go!

Toronto Zoo, Ontario, Canada

Founded by Hugh A. Crothers, an industrialist who became the first Chairman of the Metro Toronto Zoological Society in 1966, the zoo opened on August 15, 1974 as the Metropolitan Toronto Zoo and is owned by the City of Toronto. With a huge range of creatures from around the globe, the Zoo is divided into seven zoogeographic regions: Indo-Malaya, Africa, the Americas, Australasia, Eurasia, Canadian Domain and the Tundra Trek. Animals are displayed indoors in tropical pavilions and outdoors in naturalistic environments, with viewing at many levels. 5000+ Animals.

Some geese greet you upon entry, they are gate security.

Now my review of the Zoo is probably 5/5. Give or take it was the dead season including all the flowers, plants, greenery but this Zoo is laid out totally awesome, rad zoo and my first International zoo experience. It reminds me of the Memphis Zoo where the theming here is on point and overall a great walk around. I think we only got lost once which is pretty epic when you can actually use the map! I’d recommend anyone to visit this Zoo if in the area.

Did I mention it was like 17f outside? It was the coldest Zoo I’ve ever been too. Perfect!

That carousel blew my mind because it’s probably the first one I’ve seen that’s not a classic horse type carousel. I mean they had a gator! You could be Steve Irwin and ride a gator! The next exhibit had a kitty we looked forever for but finally found it scrunched up in the corner trying to keep warm. Last photo there is what I mean about dead season (tourists+wildlife).

*hiss* Slytherin

The one thing I dig about northern Zoo’s is the fact they have more indoor exhibits and their conservatory’s are usually large and on point. They know people like them in the winter because of the humidity and heat inside, also they are part of my favorite things about Zoo’s because of the feel of being in the movie Bio-Dome! The Toronto one was beautiful and had waterfalls, fish tanks, large decoration and a lot of man made theming which was A+.

Thought this was a cool photo! They had 3 giraffes I think, mostly younger ones.
They had a classroom live stream where students could ask questions about the gorillas. 2018!

Dining at the Zoo

We only ate at Tim Horton’s at the beginning of the Zoo which I had to just get some hash browns and bacon because of the gluten free thing, but a lot of the places were closed. They did however offer gluten free bread and options at the different cafes. I got some fries at one they were damn good. They did have a DQ which was closed but holy moly I thought DQ was a southern thing, blew my mind. Of course they had beaver-tails!

Continuing on to Kesho Park (I think they mean Africa)
The pride. These are rare white lions.
They did have a cool plane calling attention to a zip line that wasn’t operating.
Here we go my favorite part- THE POLAR BEARS!

There just so peaceful. I think they 100% are enjoying this weather there only dreaming of snow!

As usual, exit through the gift shop!

That’s my Toronto Zoo Review ChillinStyle. If you missed yesterdays post check it out below: