Boca Raton, FL & The Palm Beach Zoo

Had a fun week field trip with the lady to Boca Raton, Florida for a conference. Got to spend my days wandering the Waldorf Boca Resort, driving around, checking out antique shops, boats, and I hit up the Palm Beach Zoo! The Palm Beach Zoo over the Miami Zoo was a tough decision, they were both same distance but the Palm Beach Zoo had some drama. A tiger killed a Zoo Keeper and also recently before I visited a rare monkey was jacked and they offered like $100,000 reward for it. So I had to go this Zoo because I’ve never been to a Zoo where someone was killed by an animal.

So we landed at the Ft. Launderale Airport which was super busy and kind of like landing in Mexico had that beach vibe feel to it. Also getting just to the rental car port was wild! This place was the busiest outside the terminal I’ve ever seen any airport, I felt the Disney air but so close but so far away.

Waldorf Boca Raton Resort Views
Landed at Ft Lauderdale, as you can see Miami, Boca Raton and everywhere is not that far from Ft Launderdale.

Boca Raton Resort & Club, Waldorf

Check out my images of my stay at the Boca Raton Walford club, I hit up Morimota Sushi Bar and they actually had a Serendipity sandwich shop. Like the one they use to have in Vegas with the frozen hot chocolate! What!

Holy shit, they had Frozen Hot Chocolate, I think I had it 3 times.

Boca Resort Club Review

Gluten Free Review
+gluten free friendly
+gluten free bread (in room dining/all restaurants)
+gluten free soy sauce at Morimoto
+knowledgeable staff encountered

I mean all the way around this is a nice resort don’t get me wrong. But how you going to charge $9 for small bottle of water in the room? Also, how you going to charge literally $50/night in valet? When it’s Valet ONLY. I asked multiple staff where to park off site “you can’t, you’ll get towed”. I know this was bull but the company was paying for it so didn’t care to much.

Also, a haircut was $80!?!?! I asked her if gratuity was included she said no, I tipped then looked at the receipt and it WAS INCLUDED. I was furious, they already closed soon as I got back to room to check so that was my bad. I just can’t stand these fluzy resorts basically extorting customers because they know they have the extra dough to spend, its ridiculous. My hair also looks like crap and the suave Miami stylist couldn’t have a given a crap about what I said.

Seriously, unless your on your honey moon and REALLY want boats as your view, don’t stay here. Just go dine here, the food is excellent and on point. The prices are not worth it, my room was $1400/night in the “Yacht Club” also said I had access to the Club Room– I called and was told it was $300 more”. However there website stated anyone staying in the Yacht Club has access, scam. I was here 5 nights and literally one of the most un-memorable trips I’ve had. Thanks for listening, lol.

Palm Beach Zoo, Florida

Had to hit up a controversial Zoo of course. Lions, Tigers, Oh my!

This Zoo is legit, probably one of the only Zoo’s I’ve been to that looked like the Zoo was their before the humans. It’s totally built into the environment like I’ve never seen before. It was cut out of the swamp and it shows with the amazing detail, bridges, gators, etc this is one dope zoo.

Be sure to check it out if you have time, totally rad. Didn’t try any of the food so not sure on gluten free status, but it’s well laid out and easy to get to.

So if your in the area I 100% recommend checking out the Palm Beach Zoo, totally rad and unique Zoo experience. I classify it unique because it’s very rare I go to a Zoo that’s actually built into the eco system like this one, it feels like these animals are here by choice and this is there home, I’m sure they like their atmosphere compared to other Zoo’s.

La Nouvelle Maison & Little Havana

Just updating a couple grub spots we hit up, one was a french restaurant called La Nouvelle and another one we felt like some Havana food and ended up at a spot called Little Havana. Both were delicious, on point with gluten allergy’s and I’d go back to both.

Thanks for checking out my week in Boca Raton, Florida! It was a cool place but I don’t think I’d ever go back anytime soon. It seem’s to be a 60-90year olds millionare playground with the old style of living, golf, beaches, etc.