Day 3 Cont: Exploring London, Fish & Chips, Fortnum & Mason & More!

So after the Tower of London I had this Fish & Chips place bookmarked for months before to check out, even though it was about an hour away we had to make it happen. Ended up in some random small side of town but Gluten Free people, we go the distance sometimes to have things we normally can’t. One of those is Fish & Chips! So here we go! Also, a lot of photos so check it out of our journey below!

Forgot the name already, but here we have a beautiful Fish & Chips Dish! I could eat this daily, people take for granted some of the most amazing things in life!

Random shopping! So we decided to pop in to a bunch of variety stores, take a black cab, sights from the city and exploring. Check it out below!

This was Harrods, it’s like if a grocery store was sponsored by Gucci.

Buy custom kicks right here! Her art work is trash, I’d rather a 5 yr old paint my shit.

Cool Subway shot making our way somewhere!

eh! the “tourist” shop


Headed to this old shop!

This was in Fortnum & Mason, a historic rad store I could shop all day in.

No gluten free options when I was there, BULLSHIT


Parfume anyone? It smelled way to overwhelming in this section however.

Willy Wonka zone.

Inside Fortnum & Mason

Made it to the Queens Castle! It was also the London Marathon day so extra busy!

Captured Big Ben in our taxi ride, thought we would go here but didn’t end up making it.

Street Views

the bridge!

british gals.

Times Square of London!

It was nothing like Times Square but was pretty rad!~

The Underground MIND THE GAP

They got a few screens, nothing like Times Square.

This was a top rated Gluten Free Spot, excellent choice! Be sure to check it out.

Cool Theatre.

Epic street views.

This was a top rated trip advisor attraction? What?! this place sucked.

Awesome views, was really really cold.

Trying to find the Mcdonalds to piss!

Headed back to our hotel for the night.

Thanks for checking out Day 3 photos! We had a blast and was a lot of walking. Plan your bathrooms and mind the gap.

This is for another night in London I forgot which day but added later! We tried to visit this gluten free spot near Picadilly Circus however it was full and closed early. So we ended up at some gay restaurant literally haha. They had some gay shit on the wall and one dish was shaped like cock and balls. However food was damn good after a long day.

Excellent Grub Sesh

Balls Meatballs.