Eurotrip Day 5: London HSL Zoo

Can never go to a major place without visiting the Zoo, doh, we are professional Zoobyz.

My second International Zoo!

London Zoo is the world’s oldest scientific zoo. It was opened in London on 27 April 1828, and was originally intended to be used as a collection for scientific study. In 1831 or 1832, the animals of the Tower of London menagerie were transferred to the zoo’s collection. It was eventually opened to the public in 1847. Today, it houses a collection of 673 species of animals, with 19,289 individuals, making it one of the largest collections in the United Kingdom. The zoo is sometimes called Regent’s Zoo.

It is managed under the aegis of the Zoological Society of London (established in 1826), and is situated at the northern edge of Regent’s Park, on the boundary line between the City of Westminster and the borough of Camden (the Regent’s Canal runs through it). The Society also has a more spacious site at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire to which the larger animals such as elephants and rhinos have been moved. As well as being the first scientific zoo, ZSL London Zoo also opened the first reptile house (1849), first public aquarium (1853), first insect house (1881) and the first children’s zoo (1938).

ZSL receives no state funding and relies on ‘Fellows’ and ‘Friends’ memberships, entrance fees and sponsorship to generate income.

Let’s go to the Zoo!

Here we go!

Ok so far decent entrance.

Ey fishy fishy fishy, ey.

The historic adventure begins. Can only imagine the old days!


BA a380

“let me out”

Backyard Views.

I was like yo, and he looked me dead in the eye. We connected.

Little Fluffel.

Olden Stuff.

Dude bout had it.

Retro Penguin Vibes?

Lion Locks!

Artsy up in here.

I’d have my birthday here for sure.

More artsy fartsy.

More artsy fartsy. I think this portion was setup by a photographer.

Felt like I was in Indian!

I had to head over to the barber for a quick cut.

Hmm, I’ll go with the Mufasa.



How babies are born

Enter Symphony music



He’s chillin.

The old part of the Zoo

Old entrance, totally rad.

What it would be like to go in the old exit in the 1920’s. wow.



That’s my adventure of the London Zoo, I rate it a 4/5. It was decent, well laid out, good area, good food, good coverage. Not bad. If you missed yesterdays blog check it out below!

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