Eurotrip Day 8: Exploring the streets of Paris and Eiffel Tower Tourist Trap

Ok time to finally explore Paris, after the Disneyland attraction got out of the way it was time to see what everyone was talking about. It also happened to be “May Day” which was when all the riots were in full force, however we didn’t see any riots. Just police officers blocking off alot of tourist attractions, many ambulances driving places, and lots of tank looking trucks. Paris was kind of like I expected but it did grow on me, it was dirty like NYC but had a MUCH better charm to it. You get the France feel in the park, but actually being in Paris was a much more authentic experience.

Had to grab me some gluten free macaroons first stop! The lady was like Bon Jour and I dropped that “sans gluten” on her, she melted and showed me sans gluten aka gluten free!


Jeanne d’Arc is an 1874 French gilded bronze equestrian sculpture of Joan of Arc by Emmanuel Frémiet. The outdoor statue is prominently displayed in the Place des Pyramides in Paris.

Real Gold!

The original statue was commissioned by the French government after the defeat of the country in the 1870 Franco-Prussian War. It is the only public commission of the state from 1870 to 1914, called the Golden Age of statuary in Paris, the other statues were funded by private subscriptions.

The sculptor took as his model Aimée Girod (1856–1937), a young woman from Domrémy, Joan of Arc’s village in Lorraine. The statue was inaugurated in 1874. The pedestal was designed by the architect Paul Abadie.

The artist, who made another version of the monument for the city of Nancy in 1889, replaced the horse of the Parisian monument 10 years later by a copy of the smaller Nancy one, which earned him criticism. The monument was classified as a historic monument on March 31, 1992.

Reviving a tradition from the far-right leagues, on every May Day, the National Front holds an annual ceremony in her honour at the statue.


I kept looking for the “yellow coat” protestors. Apparently this street is usually packed 10x this, but due to it being may day or french holiday it was super slow. Perfect!


Paris Street views, I love the history feel here.


5 Euros for a Kinder Egg Ice Cream! I had no idea they even made these, no toys inside.


Angelina Paris

Ok so this is a famous hot chocolate spot that has been on so many tv shows, movies, and has history to it. It’s apparently the best hot chocolate in the world. If you ask me I like my hot chocolate a little more milky, this hot chocolate was like drinking pure syrup. It was good, but not my favorite type of hot chocolate, but probably what it’s “suppose” to taste like. A cool deli as well on the inside!

The Famous “Hot Chocolate”


I got the “iced hot chocolate” way better than the OG.


They had these, forgot what they were called but gluten free! It was pretty tasty.


Also got me a gluten free crepe, was so delicious.


The Front of Angelina! Paris.


Place Vendôme

Place Vendôme (French pronunciation: ​[plas vɑ̃dom]) is a square in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, France, located to the north of the Tuileries Gardens and east of the Église de la Madeleine. It is the starting point of the rue de la Paix. Its regular architecture by Jules Hardouin-Mansart and pedimented screens canted across the corners give the rectangular place Vendôme the aspect of an octagon.

The original Vendôme Column at the centre of the square was erected by Napoleon I to commemorate the Battle of Austerlitz; it was torn down on 16 May 1871, by decree of the Paris Commune, but subsequently re-erected and remains a prominent feature on the square today.

Place Vendôme Chillin


Paris ridin in style!


City Streets of Paris


Look at the history there, super old church on the left and then more modern old building on the right. So rad to see this.


TripAdvisor Bicycle Tour of Paris?


Waiting for protestors, I think it was all fake, I didn’t see any protests.


When you first see it your like woah there it is, then you get closer and you realize how unromantic-ally trashy this place is.


20 minute security line, no thank you


This is the shit you see, bunch of scammers waiting for people to step on their shit so they can try to charge you, there was like 100 of them, it looked like the fucking hood.


Everyone walking out of the eiffel tower was approached by these scammers, I cannot believe Paris allows this shit. They are aggressive and straight up scary.


Well we were like ok cool saw it, haha! Time to head off.


Then you realize there is no clean up on Paris on the day we went, the reality of a major tourist attraction. Least get a bigger bin Paris, sick.




A tourist boat with the only 5c bathroom around!


It is beautiful.


Stopped off in a cafe being “warned” the yellow coats might pass by.


French woman, oh lala.


The Notre Dame! So sad we couldn’t go in, however you can see the burn marks on the right and the scaffolding what’s left. Was crazy to go during this time though. A memory for sure.


This guy is a true artist, not a scammer selling chinese bullshit. We bought a couple photos from him.


To lazy to google this, but this was beautiful none the less.


Romantic Paris Cruise! May Day!


OMG, they do exist! I finally found one, guess he was getting off work and heading to protest or the ladder!


Saw this on tripadvisor, romantic dinner cruise. Seems legit though not going to lie.


Beautiful spot while walking down to find somewhere to grub.


Found a quaint little restaurant and it was delicious, she helped me out with gluten free dishes!


Don’t even remember what I ordered, all I know is, it was good.


Gluten Free Beer! + Potatoes?


Anyways thinks for checking out my Paris Journey! It was cool as shit and I’m glad I got to see it. Probably not on my list anytime soon to go back too. They have a lot of cleaning up to do and getting their public spots clean of bullshit scam artists. Also making their citizens happy to not protest, all in all wonderful trip and I’d recommend it. If you missed yesterdays blog check it below!

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