The End of our Eurotrip Adventure

First trip to Europe was a success and great adventures were had. Explored a lot of things I never though I’d see in this decade and got to visit another Disneyland Park! Now I’m planning on going back already, the only thing that delayed me was the 7 or 8 hour journey! Now I know to just buy an inflatable seat cushion off Amazon next time and I’m good to go. Premium Economy is the way to go, first class for $6000 for only 7 hour flight just doesn’t make sense to me, but I understand if you got it, spend it. Let’s roll out.

Our noble steed back to London Heathrow from Paris, An Airbus A319. British Airways was legit, almost like Southwest Airlines hospitality.

The Paris airport was actually dope on the inside, this was like a kids room while waiting for the terminal. Totally rad! Rude gate agents and shitty incoming airport, but outgoing = legit.

We stayed at the London Heathrow Marriot hotel, totally legit.

Had a full co op shop feast haha. All from the London Heathrow Airport shop, British beef!

While watching some straight up retarded British comedy, felt like I was the Dursleys

I’ll miss seeing the cool “plugs” they were so convenient and always well placed.

Wake up! Headed to the Terminal from the hotel tram. This was a mini emirates a380, totally rad. I need this in my backyard.

A beautiful Thai Airways A380!

Air Canada Premium Economy so far is probably one of the best for “gluten free” travelers. United could give a fuck. Air Canada is a legit choice for Premium Economy.

However my IFE was stuck in a golf game entire flight. I had my own tablet so didn’t care.

For breakfast was a gluten free Frittata, totally delicious. I’d take another one of these now.



Anyways, thanks for following my long blog journey and it’s for personal reference so I can go back and look at it, not so much for resell, ha. If you have any questions feel free to drop a email or contact. See you soon.