June through September Catch-up, Dallas, Las Vegas, Little Rock, Let’s go!

I haven’t had time to update weekly right now so I will be posting all the adventures I’ve had during the months of June through September. Las Vegas, Dallas, Little Rock, and some gluten free fun. So check out the photos below.

The Pantry, Little Rock, AR

Grubbing again at the German eatery called The Pantry, its located in Little Rock, AR. Its pretty decent, nothing major but still a good meal. House Made Bratwurst, Iron Skillet Potatoes, Sauerkraut 3/5.

Also the Filet dish from Oceans in LR, pretty good, but nothing like the Republic of Texas.

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The Butcher Shop, Little Rock, AR

We love this place. Everytime its damn good, good prices and excellent food. The service is also pretty good. The bar needs some work, but everything else is on point.


U.S. Pizza Co., Maumelle, AR

We love this place, always has amazing gluten free pizza and good atmosphere.


First time at Waffle House

I never would have thought to gone to a Waffle House because of the entire gluten free thing, but coming here was pretty good. We got a plethora of food and all was tasty! Would come back for sure.


ladies chocolate chip waffles *not gluten free*


It was called a bowl scramble or something to that affect, was tasty, delicious, and worth it.


Back at Butcher Shop

We had to go back, we were getting the cravings.


Making me hungry now.


Samu Bar Sushi, Little Rock, AR

This place took over where a steak house was and is now turning out sushi. All the sushi looked the same on the menu, crab, fried, tuna, crab, fried, tuna, all tasted like mush. Wont be back to Samu anytime soon.


Trip to Las Vegas, NV.

First Class United domestic, the worst among WORST carriers for gluten free. Was marked GF meal, but look, a chocolate cake, a breadroll, nothing marked gluten free, totally not safe. Bunch of bullshit.


Caught this cool jet while waiting to board. An Alaskan Airlines Jet.


In Vegas exploring, noticed the windows around NY NY have cats in hidden places, something to look for.


Steak and Eggs at the world famous Peppermill.


Scoping out Bellagio as part of the Vegas circle march eh!


4th time seeing Blue Man Group, still one of the best shows ever.


Yeezy Ice Lounging


A decent meal at CITIZEN in Mandalay Bay Cafe, however no gluten free bread, fuck you Mandalay.


The best gluten free spot in Vegas, Eiffel Tower restaurant, the best best best.


Plus, look at this Vegas views from the tower.


An appetizer of Foi Gras, eh it was okay, probably should have got something else.


This was a dope organic gluten free cafe in the Wynn shops called Urthh Cafe, totally rad, hidden, and excellent teas & gluten free eats. Check it out for sure.


Probably 10th time seeing La Reve, still one of the best shows to bring people who have never been to Vegas to see.


At the end.


Checked out the Eatery which was like a Italian market at the Park MGM, totally rad and worth a visit. Try grabbing an Italian Spritzer.


Met Nathan Burtons mom, the show is a joke (don’t see it) unless budget is your concern. It’s like a kids birthday party. Sorry Nathan.


First time at the Wax Museum which I rarely ever do these types of attractions. Was quick but had some good characters to photo yourself with for fun.




Chillin with Drizzy


Heading out! What a wonderful few days in Las Vegas, always the shit.


Cool airplanes models in a wing of the airport, never knew this existed at Mccarran.


Thats a rad Texas jet! 737?


Ozark Air seemed like a gangster ass airline to fly on.


Wow on the way bag United had it together, full gluten free spread *except the dressing* its the one that will get you!


Good Vegas hall, got some new Yeezys, Flops, Wallet, and a Belt Ive been looking for forever.


Sushi Cafe West, Little Rock

One of my favorite chill Sushi spots in Little Rock


Cafe Bossa Nova, Little Rock, AR

The best damn good anywhere and 90 percent of the menu is gluten free.


Everything is full of flavor.


If you go, the gluten free Salmon Cakes are one of the best ways to go.


Dallas for the Weekend

Forgot the name of this place but we went here before and it was good, they recently moved locations and has since gone downhill. Its got an impressive gluten free menu selection though. Such as the chocolate french toast.


Hotel ZaZa always a favorite.


At the mall in Dallas, this looked cool, you don’t see much stuff like this anymore.


rise nº1

This was a spot in Dallas that had multiple dishes of Souffle eats. They also had full gluten free ones so we had to go, the wait was short but the food was 3/5. It was a very popular place but nothing over the top. Still a cool option which checking out Dallas.


Warm butter with roasted Artichokes, NOM.


an Amazing tomato bisque soup.


Two gluten free Souffles! I think one was like a king ranch chicken and the other a broccoli chicken.


Also a dessert Souffle, forgot what type we got.


Visited the Dallas Market, its worth one trip in your lifetime, that’s about it.


The only gluten free spot I could find was this Indian joint, which has some weird crisp naan gf style with hummus, it worked and was tasty.


Lady got some Indian tacos.


Headed Home

Headed back home after Dallas, a quick stop at the PP KLM lounge at IAH. Decent options.


Until next time, Chillin you did good. We got all the June-Sept blogs updated. Proud of you, no Im proud of you, no you. Okay until next time brosive.


Thanks for checking out my blog.