WDW Day 1 & 2: Disney already?! Animal Kingdom let’s go!

So we had an original trip planned to Switzerland but got cancelled due to family things so instead when you need to be cheered up, what’s a better place to go than the happiest place on earth!

First stop after we checked in to the 1950s Pop Century Resort was Raglan Road for a gluten free feast!

Little dark out 1950s style.

Then back to the hotel for some late night snacks and breakfast energies! Gluten free cookie, desert and cupcake!


Hit read more and come along for Animal Kingdom!


After a beautiful sleep in a beautifully renovated room at Pop Century we headed out. Pop Century review in a nutshell: For the price right now is unbeatable, since they renovated the rooms this is like staying in a fresh brand new hotel for a fraction of the price for other Disney hotels. Be sure to stay at Pop Century this time around, it’s perfect. Room photos at the end.

Documenting the room number because they all look alike!


This hotel had some charm.


Photos continued from first part, had to go back to Jock Lindsey’s hangar bar, the best place for drinks. Also the Raglan Road buzzer reaches here!


Photos continued from first part: Raglan Road is hands down the best gluten free restaurant in all of Disney World.


Landscape is growing from previous years.


That famous drink stand right there, you know what I’m talking about.


Cool carousel at Disney Springs


Animal Kingdom!

Met up with family the next day but for this day we decided to hit the slopes of Animal Kingdom, I am dreaming of gluten free churros already. It wasn’t that busy and was around 90 so not TO bad.


Cruisin on in.


Yeezy Waverun 700’s for today’s adventure at Animal Kingdom, they kept up with comfort.


Ahhh Tree of Life with some construction going on.


“Pointing: We will be back after Pandora!”








Yesssssssss Boba Frozens, noticed quickly Disney has turned alot of “drinks” into frozen cocktails. Cheap move Disney, cheap move.


Had something at the Nomad lounge, forgot what I ordered.


Poutine and Gluten Free Churro’s. Thank you Disney. Thank you.


I always forgot how dope the scenery is.


Switching up the filters on camera.


I want to stay here?!?!


Train ride to Rafikis Watch, this shit is bunk, figure it out Disney.


Toucan was racist.


On the train ride back spotted some huts.


I want to try the ribs some time. I wonder if there gluten free.


Ehhh boy!


This place has great refreshments with alcohol.


The inside is also one of the coolest places to photograph and check out.


Headed to Asia, Animal Kingdom.


Beautiful water today at AK.


Chug Chug Chug Animal Kingdom has the best cocktails.


The famous Ice Cream Wagon, slow day!


The Finding Nemo show put me to sleep.


Dinoland USA!


Disney Halloween Merch 2019


Disney Halloween Merch 2019


This place is eh 50/50 for me to destroy or update…


Onto the famous gluten free chicken nuggets.


Oy cheers mate.


Yes Yes Yes, these nuggets are the best gluten free nuggets anywhere. Go Animal Kingdom!


Until tomorrow folks! Thanks for viewing.


Thanks for checking out WDW Day 1 & 2 be sure to check out later tonight’s blog we are going to MNSSHP!