First time at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!

I’ve never been and always thought it was a kids thing but fuck I was wrong, this thing is LIT. It’s like a trip fest of visuals and effects. I should have known better for Disney, damn. Well I am glad I went and gave us time to knock out Magic Kingdom without having to come back during the day. Also basically no lines for the rides, weather was good, and major crowds were gone! The best part of the trip!

Leaving Pop Century after changing for MNSSHP!

Lets go!


Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Couple pro tips for gluten free (I had no idea). They have their own trail path for gluten free or people with allergies and it’s mostly organic good quality items! I’m so pissed. I was full from food I couldn’t eat anymore. However bring your kids and trick or treat away or just explore the park with wild lights!

Was a beautiful sunset right before the haunts began!


I was already mind blown! Like whaaat! Look how dope this is!


Everyone was so excited.


I mean look at the colors, projections on the walls!


Was next level Disney imagineering.


This guy was done.




Lights, Camera, Action!




Love this foyer!


“Dead men tell no talessssss oooooh”.


famous art.


reflections 2019.


Haunted mansion was on everyone’s priority to do during MNSSHP, legendary overlays.


Closed for MNSSHP


Best themed bathrooms in the world eh?!


closed for MNSSHP, super pissed.


Then there were fireworks like every other hour or something!

I was like this is a good shot, but then the fireworks didn’t come out.


Tea cups next level.


This guy was turning up with kids at 11PM


I think yes.


Gluten free minus the cool stamp, grr.


Drink was like sprite.


I fucking met Walt Disney yo at MNSSHP.


“theme song in head”




That’s it for MNSSHP, if you enjoyed it check out the blog earlier today at Animal Kingdom below! Thank you! Until next time, final thought: Go do MNSSHP

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