WDW Day 3: EPCOT Food and Wine Festival 2019 Gluten Free!

So this is basically the entire reason for the trip, “Hey want to go get drunk at the Food and Wine Festival in Orlando?” I mean who says no. It’s always a damnit let’s go book it kind of situation. So let’s go explore the gluten free side of the Food & Wine Festival. I didn’t document it nearly as hardcore as I usually do but I still put in some effort of photographing food for myself.

Must ride this first because there about to close it down for a full refurbishment! Getting new animatronics as well as layout I believe, must remember the original history!

Here we go! Do you change your lifes outcome every time? Lol.


Spaceship Earth

Nobody wants some bullshit tron, marvel, bullshit at EPCOT what the fuck, Walt would be rolling in his grave. Why can’t the fucking Disney team come up with original ideas like Spaceship Earth, the Land, Seas, etc, the OG triple OG disney rides? Why does every fucking Disney park have to turn to Marvel/BatMan/Superman bullshit?!?! They’ll get it when the crowds drop just like Star Wars. News Flash- Nobody fucking likes Star Wars. Disney will lose all of its original charm before it’s over, hopefully the next generation takes over soon.


The smell, the vision, ahh the classic.


This is way rad, 80’s beach front rad.


For the past 10 years this has sat empty besides once they had a fire truck thing going on.


Merch Viewing.


Merch Viewing.


This park is pure epicness.


Favorite ride in the entire world.


Favorite ride in the entire world. Cacao I did sample all day son.


Back in time!


Do you find all the hidden Mickey’s here?


Drank it I did.


Checking her IG see how many likes she got on a cucumber.


These look fake no?


Sported the Yeezy 700’s at EPCOT. Comfortable wear.


Had to add that classic filter, this is retro OG EPCOT.


First up Flavors of Fire, however I don’t believe this booth had anything gluten free.


This was a salmon and a energy bar, both gluten free. Plus some tasty wine!


They were both from active eats, both delicious! Energy bar I saved for way later and busted it out on the Frozen ride.


This one spot forgot the name had Nitro infused chocolate dessert! Like batman Disney! Stepping it up!


A little heavy to start the day, but none the less good!


Aloha Bras! EPIC ness at Hawaii and I got to keep the cup I paid $12 for!


I believe Canada? This was so damn good.


Love the Canada booth, so legit, and the Ice Wine so tasty.


Little bit under construction this time around.


However! They had an awesome overlay inside this time where the movie usually is and it was used for an entire drink garden area with drinks, cider, snacks, etc. Rad!!


Circus Top Tent!


We went when it was slow thank goodness because I’ve seen it with lines out the door on the weekends!


Oy Jolly Tip Top Hallyho headed to London mate!


LOVE this area.


Very nice, how much?


Scenic Beauty heading into France?


From France you can see the new Skyliners! They were operating but not open to the public at this juncture. lol.


After going to Paris this all makes sense now!


Famous Parisian Slush with Grey Goose!


More of the Skyliner near where rattatooey is going in!


“Forced Perspective”


I guess this was a treasure hunt!


Brazil Brazil Brazil


When your feeling artsy at Disney World


Sup? Just Chillin.


Forgot what this specialty drink was, believe was in Tokyo


Let me in Club 33!


Think my pops took this one.


Hidden gluten free Italian deliciousness.


Pops Photo.


Pops Photo.


Pops Photo.


Pops Photo.




They took off the Barenjager option? Wonder if it’s seasonal.


Yo girl this shit good.


Pops Photo.


Pops Photo.


One of my favorite spots too Mexico! No gangs here!


The only safe Mexican Fiesta


The one and only legend Jose Carioca.


Goodnight EPCOT until next time.


Big ol Ball


Closing shot of Mission Space, so rad.


I fucking love this place and I have no idea why.


I want to hang out here.



Pop Century Renovated Room

These rooms have better value right now than any other hotel at Disney, I’m telling you! You can easily drive to the main lobby or room to get food and snacks if not the walk is not that far. Totally fresh rooms as well as I’ve said. The aurora about them is rad.


Clean, Fresh, and Modern.


Cozy comfy bed as well!

Watching the Gondolas, of course they opened the next day, pfft!


Thanks for checking out EPCOT Food & Wine Festival if you missed yesterdays blog check it out below.

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