Banff, Canada! Ice Mountains, Ski Resorts, and Caves!

Driving into Banff from Calgary

For as long as I can remember I always remember seeing that one photo of Lake Louise on Banff, it’s a magical photo that gets shared on IG, FB, you name it every year. However this was the frozen part of the year I found some cheap flights to Calgary and decided to take the dive into the winter cold. It was well worth it and a great experience to check out Canada during the Winter months. Also I’ve never been to Calgary so was excited to check it out in the first place.

Getting close to Banff! Makes you feel like your entering a small Boy Scout camp excursion trip. Good vibes everywhere. I also shit you not it smelled like pine like a candle, no joke. Real Deal.

Click read more and come along and check out these wonderful photos of inside downtown Banff and a couple restaurants we grubbed at.


Downtown Banff

I’ve just compiled all my photos throughout my 4 day trip in Banff below so some might be a day or night. So you get the idea of how the actual downtown looks. It’s super walkable and felt very safe, super cold so bring your coat during Winter!

Such a cool mountain vibe. This place is super serene and makes you want to write a novel.

Coming back from the backside after exploring the area, you can see the mountain with some clouds from all the famous photos.

Park Distillery Bar & Restaurant

This was a local hot spot and had many options gluten free. We dined here one night and almost came back a second! Their spirits are also tasty and unique.

This was a top seller their blueberry vodka mixed drink.

Sell’s itself. + They brought out gluten free bread.

These ribs were so damn good, I munched on them at like 3am at the hotel.

Scenic Scenic Scenic.

Some of the style of shops, real alpine Swiss feel.

Nighttime sights of Banff, also if you Youtube there is a live cam you can see this angle of the street.


Block Kitchen & Bar Banff

Another gluten free hot spot in Banff, also had deep fried chicken fingers that were gluten free and amazing. A little spice to this quaint small restaurant but super tasty and unique. Check it out!

So good.

The skirt steak with a chimi churri type suace and beautiful ginger dressing salad, nom!


Next Days Lunch..

Forgot the name of this place but it was jam packed driving by at the end of the night but during the day was super slow. However they had a gluten free menu and their pizza was very good and I could use a slice right now thank you. Most of the bars in Banff feel like a beach town, real gritty, dirty, could all use a refurb but I guess that’s this Ski towns vibe.


Cave & Basin National Park

This place is about $5 and about 5 minutes from downtown Banff, it’s pretty cool to check out. If it would have been busy it would have been a horrible experience I’m sure. However there is a little museum and a dope cave you can go in and smell sulfur and see the rock caverns. It’s pretty chill, worth it to check out for about 20 minutes, ha.

Welcome to the Cave & Basin! British Flag!

Looks like the entrance to a Las Vegas Chapel!

The smell hits you! Rotten Eggs, Ah! run!

It is a thing of beauty however.

Also a few dope hot springs on the outside.


Banff Gondola

If your coming to Banff you must visit the Gondola, it’s a rad experience. It has great places to eat, places to chill, and places to get drunk. Also a damn Star Bucks inside. The journey is great, the people are friendly, and it’s quite chilly.

Heading into the Banff Gondola

They do have gluten free bread/menu items! Also drankin a Caesar.

The gluten free burger! I forgot what it was called, but was so juicy, plus the fries were super tasty.

Cool photo bear at the top *wind blows -5595f weather* chilly

You can climb to the top of Sulhur mountain via a walk way which is quite the climb but worth the views.


Made it to the top! I felt like I was climbing Everest!

Headed back down after exploring. What a great adventure.


Johnston Canyon

This is what makes the trip to Banff even more magical, a total snow/ice walk that you can do in one hour or 10, depending on your speed or agility. You might need ice cleats which they recommend but I did it in Yeezy 700 WaveRunners, go Yee. A few slidin spots but still got the job done. This is worth the drive to come check out 100%. It’s a magical nature walk 100%.

Heading into the Abyss!

Which way do I go? Easy maps in the abyss.

Already paying off. Wow. Should have brought a sled.

Icicles everywhere!

It’s a chill ride.

Worth the climb.

Sup bros, just frosty chillin.


Sunshine Village

Banff Ski Resort Sunshine Village is the closest ski resort to Banff and a totally rad one. We thought about skiing but after our canyon adventure we decided to chill out and just take in the views and explore. The staff was totally rad and had multiple gluten free options including a gluten free beer.

Headed to Sunshine Village!

Arriving! It was pretty busy but not as busy as peak season I’m sure.

20 minute gondola rides are my kind of thing, these got extra chilly.

Watchin the Canadians strafe and cruise down the mountains.

The lifts went into the abyss. A lot of things in Canada go into the abyss.

Stopped off at the first Ski Lodge uphill to drink!

Gluten Free version of poutine *no sauce* still amazing.

Gluten Free beer! New Grist!

The Lodge was beautiful at dusk.

I need to come back and ski here, seems like they had some easy mountains.

Back in the hotel for the flight out the next day. Need to hit up the market before sleeps.


Nesters Market

I always check out the local market in any city I visit because to me it says more about a city than a damn Museum does and it’s quite enjoyable to buy some local munchies. That I did.

Lets Enter!

An Entire Gluten Free Section! I wish I could have shipped this stuff home, the Cin Rolls were

Hotel late night grub sesh before the flight out next day.

This was in a city on the way back to Calgary. We stopped at Canadian Tire and I blew up the toilet so bad.

We were halling ass back to Houston.


Thanks for viewing the Banff Photos of Chillin’s Adventures to Banff!