7 Reasons

7 Reasons to eat Organic


There are many things in our society today that are causing disease, illnesses, and ailments. The main reason for so many conditions in our world is the food we eat. Foods loaded with pesticides and other toxins are slowly killing our bodies rendering our immune system too weak to handle the onslaught of disease that enters through various avenues.

One of the best defenses for the body is whole organic foods. Organic fruits and vegetables are not genetically modified. Organic plants are grown with no pesticides, artificial fertilizers, human waste or sewage sludge and they have been processed without ionizing radiation or food additives. Organic meat has been raised without antibiotics or the use of growth hormones. In other words, organic foods are produced without any man-made chemicals.

Knowing This, There Are so Many Reasons Why Eating Organic Foods is Beneficial. 

1. Your Body Can Fight Disease, Bacteria and Viruses When it is Fed Organic Food. There are no chemicals in the food and you are adding a more wholesome option when you eat organic. Many of the chemicals found in non-organic foods have been linked to many types of cancer. By eating more organic foods, your body will be healthy and in turn you have more strength and energy. 

2. Organic Foods Contain at Least 50% More Nutrients, Vitamins, and Minerals Than Their Non-Organic Counterparts. Food that has been chemically altered in any way has far less nutritional value and therefore is not as healthy for your body. 

3. The Same Growth Hormones and Antibiotics That Are Added to Many Foods That We Eat, Like Chicken, Enter the Human Body. These hormones and antibiotics may be cause early maturation in children, especially young girls. Eating a diet rich in organic foods help to assure that your child will mature as nature intends. 

4. Because Organic Foods Are Lower in Fat, it Helps to Fight and Prevent Obesity. Health experts warn that a diet high in fatty food lead to heart disease, stroke, and other life threatening diseases. A diet filled with organic foods helps to prevent these conditions and keep weight down. 

5. Antibiotics Found in Non-Organic Foods Are a Direct Cause of Allergies. Many of the allergies people suffer can be avoided by eating organic foods.

6. Organic Fruits and Vegetables Are Not Only Grown Using Nature But They Taste Better as Well.
When you eat organic you get the full flavor of the food you are eating without added toxins that tend to ruin the true taste. 

7. Organic Foods Safeguard Against Toxic Metals Like Cadmium, Lead and Mercury. Heavy metals damage nerve functions and block hemoglobin production which leads to anemia. The same metals are also linked to a lower IQ and disease such as multiple sclerosis.In addition to the above reasons, by eating organic foods you are helping to save the environment and supporting small scale local farmers. Keep in mind also that contrary to popular belief, purchasing organic foods is not always expensive and there are many ways to purchase it at a lower cost.

Take the time to learn about the benefits of organic food and apply it to your daily eating habits. It will change your body and your life.

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