Abandoned Disney World

I’ve been watching a bunch of videos on Abandoned Disney World projects, and videos that show old Disney stuff that was tore down or still remains. The collection below are some of my favorite videos and some I had no clue even existed, one of my favorite is the largest hidden mickey ever was like whaaat! These videos were not shot by me, nor do I endorse trespassing on property.

the Abandoned Catastrophe Canyon at Hollywood Studios which I thought was still there! I remember riding it as a kid scared shitless.

This Wave machine was a cool idea for the effect of waves at Polynesian Resort, but they had to remove it, check out why.

Did you know Disney World had a private airport for elite guests and executives? I think I’ve drove on it too, check out this video of it.

The old Pop Resort hotel before it turned into the new and updated one! It sat vacant for years.

Disney’s Discovery Island — kind of like the prequel to Animal Kingdom, stuff still remains!

Wonders of Life Pavilion, I don’t remember going here as a child.

The Disney Skyway! The one I wish was still available to ride, grr.

One of my favorite, Nickelodeon Studios!

Now this is a new guy I who published videos by the Dark Side of Disney which are some real amateurs at exploring doors and acting like they are total bad asses except the fact none of them know how to use a camera or image stabilization… However it was real cool to see some videos from the inside instead of just using Google Maps Satellite and seeing all the back of parks, but none the less cool stuff. I don’t recommend anyone doing this, so instead watch a few of these so you don’t have to do this in person.

Backstage at the Mexico Pavilion

The Utilidors


Thank you for checking these out, I will be adding more that I come across!