About Chillin

Hanging out at Hogs Tavern @ Hogwarts

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” -Neale Walsch

Who is Chillin?

Well I’m a 29 year old who loves to eat, doh! I also love to travel, explore new areas, and document my entire journey. Having multiple degrees in the computer science field helps me think of myself as an elite individual when it comes to cyberspace. I look at this website as a journal of sorts that in maybe 50 or 200 years people can look back and read my journey through life, through my photos and words.

Always searching for a book from the 1800’s or 1930’s that is an explorers journal of what he saw and encountered back in the day which is an epic experience in itself. I also have an allergy that prevents me from eating gluten  which is called Eosinophilic Esophagitis that makes your throat swell up to the point of no return, this happened at the age of 23. I also have a strong case of wanderlust and always wanting to get out and escape daily life and be an adventurer of sorts. So keep this page bookmarked and keep checking to back to see where I’ve been or what I’ve ate!

Also turned to collecting and drinking wine since I could no longer consume beer (which I didn’t really drink anyway) so I created a portion of this site for my WineBlog which is every bottle I’ve drunk, collected, or want to drink.



Just walking in the middle of the street in NYC -Blizzard 2016

What is ChillinFood exactly?

Started off with a tumblr blog and was posting everything I ate, drank, and mostly bought that was all new to me in my newly discovered world of having to eat gluten-free and becoming careful of what I consume. I became YELP Elite few summers ago and decided to start also documenting my reviews photos on a separate platform, now I’ve combined both here to create ChillinFood. I’m always chillin’ so I figured my food is probably chillin’ as well.


 ChillinFood Tag= Anything I personally made, bought, or created.

All other photos are personally shot by me, I do not have many photos that are not from my cameras.




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