Omni Mansion @ San Antonio, Texas

Had a quick work trip to San Antonio, Texas and decided to stay on the boardwalk at the Omni La Mansion which is a pretty sweet hotel. The management is great and took care of a minor issue I had with overnight parking. The rooms are spacious and have every amenity you need. Make sure you get a river view (that’s when it’s worth paying for). It has a very historic rustic charm to it and sights of a old church by the pool. Everyone was friendly and super perfect access to the Riverwalk.

Paris Creperie is the best place to visit.
Top Right: That hotel was build for the San Antonio Worlds Fair!
Boardwalk is awesome.

Dokyo Dauntaun, Corpus Christi, Texas

Not a bad spot, cool drinks, decent sushi, but horrible location. If this was on the South Side I’d be there everyday. They were taking temp checks at the door, some just bypassed it. The drinks were interesting and fun, the service we encountered was subpar- forgot multiple things during out visit.

I’d revisit if in the area, unaware of gluten free or what gluten meant. Brought my own soy sauce.

July 4th at Universal Studios!

Thought it was going to be packed on July 4th for COVID reasons but wow, the most dead I’ve ever visited the park. We just came for a quick weekend trip and explored Universal + Stayed at the Cabana Bay Resort which was awesome. The food + service + amenities were all 5 star! Would go back here for sure if visiting Orlando and not Disney, check out my full gallery below.

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Bonefish Grill, Little Rock, AR

First time to a restaurant since I think March?! This pandemic had everything shut down and we decided to give it a go once thinks were semi up and normal. Bonefish made you wear your mask while walking to your table then you sit down and can take your mask off. While seated right next to another booth, this mask in restaurants thing is pure political bullshit, what the fuck does it even stop? Stupidest shit ever, that movie Idiocracy coming true! Still good food during the pandemic, glad they retained some quality chefs!

Flying during the Pandemic, May 5th!

First flight after Austria and it was a totally different experience! I have never seen IAH so dead in my lifetime, totally awesome adventure. I just chilled the entire time, the flight was partially full and United never really “separated seats” I think it was all a publicity stunt, doh. Check out the adventure below and all the planes parked.

A weekend in memphis, tn.

Went to Memphis for the weekend to check out the Zoo, wanted to check on the animals, big cats. Of course a trip to Memphis isn’t complete without a stop at IKEA.

Memphis Trip!

I still rank Memphis Zoo one of the top 5 Zoo’s in the country and I’ve been to over 55 Zoo’s in the world, it’s a damn good Zoo. Best time to go would be around Spring when everything is in bloom, however for a slower persons count hit it up during the winter. Also grubbed at Flight, Ikea, and Paulettes pictured above, all great spots.

EUROTRIP: London & Switzerland Edition Video

Instead of a long blog post I’ll do my new format and post a video edit of our trip to London & Switzerland! We had an awesome time and is a place that is so surreal you can’t even imagine. It’s like every page it’s a story book fantasy-land and your just driving like woah. It’s a place everyone should go once in there life and it’s not anymore expensive than going to a major hub in a city. Every damn vlogger/youtuber was like “how expensive is Switzerland?!?!” sure you can find a $14 cup of coffee in any damn city, but here prices were normal for the most part for normal things. Go visit!

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