Republic (College Station)

Republic, College Station, Tx

Drip Coffee Eliteness & Sake

Sake bong and pressed coffee delicious @ 40 Tempura College Station, Tx

Maddens in College Station, beautiful wine and fish

Maddens, College Station, Tx awesome food the deviled eggs with bacon are best thing ever

Eat Cetera (Galveston) and a tasty Dessert

Eat Cetera dessert. Was ok

Perrys (Clear Lake) Filet Mignon Delight

Filet Mignon 8oz Perrys Steakhouse, Clear Lake, Tx

Tookies (Galveston)

Tookies Appetizer

Frozen Shitness.

Republic of Texas Dining Experience Repeat

Republic of Texas, Corpus Christi.

Excellent service, great food.

2011 Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc

Favorite Brand of Wine

Bodegas Borsao Rose 2009

My first rose, and probably not the best Rose to start off my habit with, but none the less, this sucked bad. haha.


Nothing Evokes the joy of warm weather better than the luminescent color and vibrant flavors of Borsao Rose’. Abundant aromas of warm sun drenched strawberries fill your glass. Delicate sweet baking spices accentuate the fruity flavors. Enjoy this wine slightly chilled with your favorite foods and thoughts of summertime fun.

Not even worth rating. haha.

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