Gluten Free Burger 21 Review and U.S. Pizza Co

Tried out a new burger joint in Little Rock called Burger 21 + New Gluten Free Pizza Joint. I mean for another burger joint, this place got it all right. The inside is super small, the staff is sometimes eh behind, but the food is on point.

Had the pizza burger last time on a gluten free bun and it melts in your mouth. Also the different sauces is an added amazeballs treat when you can dip your sweep fries in fluffy marshmallow sauce, ok I’ll try it and it turns out to be pretty good for the first few bites.


The pizza burger is excellent, perfectly cooked with a ninja turtle flavor.

Try this spot out, excellent grub spot, usually fast.

U.S. Pizza Company, Maumelle, Arkansas


This place has been a new favorite for having some of the best gluten free pizza in Little Rock. It’s pretty damn good with excellent flavors and even better crust. The salads not to mention are some of the best I’ve ever tried. Also their homemade creamy Italian is the reason you go.

Big Orange Little Rock (Take 5)

I don’t need to post another review of Big Orange since we’ve been here about 5 times now, this time around was excellent as usual! Check these beautiful burgers out (on gluten free buns of course).

Big Orange Love, Sweet Pot Fries, Truffle Fries, Farm Burger, Custom Burger

Cool River Cafe at Dallas Love Airport

2015-10-06 16.16.04 (Large)
Was traveling to Detroit, Michigan and had a layover at the Dallas Love Airport. Gave this overpriced Cool River Cafe restaurant a try which was crap food quality and some real crappy airport service. The food was dry, bland, seemed all frozen with little to no flavor and they didn’t even ask what time our flight was. I guess I’m use to that Houston hospitality.  They also had no gluten-free menu or gluten free bread. I chose a ceasar salad with chicken oh my!

2015-10-06 16.16.12 (Large)

no gluten free bread, what?!?!

2015-10-06 16.16.08 (Large)

crabby cakes

Smashburger First Time (Houston)

Better than I thought it would be.

Houston, Texas

Jerrybuilt Burgers (Houston)

Udi’s Gluten-Free Buns!

Awesome interior, cool feel, part organic hormone free anti-biotic tasty beef burgers.

Though the chili-cheese fries were excellent and the burgers were good, the only downside was the buns were cold and something had wheat in it because it jacked me up.
Great food and burgers, must get the chili cheese fries.

The manager has let me know about their menu items and I appreciate it greatly, I can not wait to come back to Jerry Built for another burger and really craving it already. Since the chili-cheese fries are not gluten free I will be trying to regular fries or sweet potato ones! Try a craft beer while your there as well, and their sweet tea is tasty!


Custom Paint Job

Sprayed a bun with gold, mr. gold from once upon a time, he look like a magician now to ya? do he? don’t eat it because it did taste like an alligator

Was working on a project for a burger.

Grub Burger (College Station)

Grub Burger Bar, College Station, Texas

Excellent as always.

Padre Island Burger Co (Corpus Christi)

Padre Island Burger Company, Corpus Christi, Tx

Spinach, artichoke, bacon, parmesan, gluten free

Ruggles Green (Sugarland)

My favorite

Ruggles Green, Sugarland, Tx

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