Grub Sesh at Republic of Texas in Corpus

Since I was in town for the week, we decided to go hit up the Republic again. This time I made a video post which I might start doing on some smaller items so let me know what you think.

This time around Republic was 5 star all the way, and it was all thanks to an excellent waiter and excellent chef. The food was awesome, the service was excellent, the sides were perfect and he made sure to double check everything was (gluten-free) for me. So check it out below!

This time tried a new dish called the Filet Chateaubriand which is cooked at your table and you hear that sizzle pop overlooking the Corpus Christi bay. Don’t forgot the farm fresh vegetables cooked with some amazing tasting potatoes. Most farmy organic experience I’ve had in Corpus yet, down on the farm son.

Weekend trip to Houston and College Station

2016-05-14 21.01.18 (Large)
Had to go back up to College Station for a graduation party, but first had to drop the lady’s dog off at a Vet in Houston who is known for having his TV show on Animal Planet. This was like the most baller Vet I’ve ever seen, each floor was for a different species. It also looked like it was going to rain but we first had to stop and grub at Saltgrass which is always tasty and had some Chuck Wagon Cheese Fries.


Chuck Wagon Cheese Fries (gluten free) NOM.


Also, wouldn’t be a Texas road trip without a stop at Buc-EEs or Pjraseks

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The essence of Corpus Christi Photo

So had a pre-wedding dinner party to hit up and didn’t manage to grab any photos of the meal, but did take an awesome shot of the U.S.S Lexington while dining on the second floor of Fajitaville. This pretty much sums up corpus, beach, tourism, Mexican food you got it.


Overview from Fajitaville Restaurant


annnnd beautiful moon risin!

First time at Mon Ami Gabi and first time seeing Zarkana

2016-03-09 13.44.28-2 (Large)


Last couple day’s

we had in Vegas were spent hanging out, shopping, walking, checking out hotels and also hit up the Minus 5 Ice lounge once more, have to every time I come to Vegas. So we start the day having a wonderful brunch at Mon Ami Gabi which has gluten free bread, and a variety of other excellent brunch choices.


Beautiful inside that looks like France.

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Nightclub and Bar Show Las Vegas 2016 Visit

Day 3 in Vegas:

Let’s hit up the Nightclub & Bar show and see what trouble we can get into or find something we end up buying, there was some amazing stuff to see there I’ll tell you that. It was EPIC, and they have a majority of the alcohol towards the end so you don’t get drunk at first but you most def can if you wish. It use to be run by Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue but now he has moved on to another alcohol show. Then after the show feeling good we decide to go hit up Aria mall, Belagio, chocolate and some other goodness.


Welcome to the Nightclub & Bar Show 2016!

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My Miracle-Gro Aerogarden and Updates

I got a Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra Indoor Garden with Gourmetet Herb Seed Kit for Christmas and finally started to grow, I’m currently on day 17 so I’ll start posting my updates on it and how it’s doing. Out of the 6 planted only one is a dud! Everyday they grow like 2 inches it’s insane so check out the updates.

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My Birthday Post, oh yeah what did I do?


Birthday Pho Bowl, I think yes.

Well 30 is fucking old it seems these days and what better way to celebrate than a huge bowl of Pho which is Nectar of the Gawds. I also got an Amazon Echo and some cool Disney Vinylmation toys which is sweet, especially when I can control all my Phillips Hue lights with Echo, “Alexa, turn off lamp”, “Alexa turn on bathroom light 30%” it’s fucking sweet and It’s the future if you don’t have this setup your living in the 50’s bro lol. I’ll post more swag later.


New Vinylmations & amazon echo next to my legit hypno cube from ThinkGeek

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