Fake Mickey 1933 World Fair Knifes

Quick Update Note: I’ve been working alot so haven’t had time to update, but still very active! I will update soon as time permits, here is a dope article I found when doing some research on some knifes I wanted to purchase. I’ve been collecting 1930’s Disney Merch and almost lost $50 to a fake, good thing I found this article, will post here.


original article by: RealorRepro

So Walt didn’t feature any rides at the Worlds Fair in Chicago however he did have a few merchandise items there unlike the 1964 World’s Fair. So check this read out.

There’s an old saying that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will eventually believe it. That applies not only to words but also to reproductions of antiques and collectibles.

Take the case of the Mickey Mouse 1933 Worlds Fair pocket knife.

A collector once wrote to ACRN to report this knife was being reproduced. He owned an original for which he paid $115. He wanted to let us know he found a reproduction in a nearby antique mall for only $8

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Little Rock Snow 2017!

Moving to Little Rock in the past year everyone told me it never snows in Little Rock, well the first year I was here it snowed! I filmed some things and enjoyed it. These are my highlights at the old house in video format. Hoping it snows again this year in Winter I have found the best hills to sled down and paths to hike to have some epic fun snow days, unlike Texas.

If your from the area send me a message where the best place in Arkansas is to find some snow, I really wanna hit up the good areas this year.

Our new Egyptian Maus! Fastest Domestic Kitties

So I asked Alexa, “Alexa, what’s the fastest domestic cat?” She said the Egyptian Mau which can top speeds up to 33MPH!?!?! I said I have to find these and obtain them. Sure enough someone near us in Arkansas had some and we adopted two baby kitties. We named them Tesla & Enya and they can zoom faster than you can say The Flash. Here are some of the photos soon as we picked them up in a Popeye’s parking lot (Little Rock Fashion) style. Perfect way to bring in the New Year 2017!

Read about these egyptian maus below!

The Egyptian Mau is the fastest of the domestic cats,[3] with its longer hind legs, and unique flap of skin extending from the flank to the back knee, providing for greater agility and length of stride. Maus have been clocked running more than 48 km/h (30 mph).[3]

Maus often possess very musical voices. They are known to chirp, chortle, and emit other distinctly unusual vocalizations when stimulated.[4] Another behavior, quite common in happy Maus, has been described as “wiggle-tail.” The cat, whether female or male, wiggles and twitches its tail, and appears to be marking territory, also known as spraying, but during this behavior the Mau is not releasing urine. Facial expressions may change according to mood, and eye color may change from green to turquoise.[citation needed]

Hit read more to see rest of week 1 kitty photos! meow.

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Last post of 2016 + New Years Dinner 2017

Well 2016,

that was a great year, traveled to many places, ate a lot of food that is for sure. Well all we can do is move forward in space and time and never look back, unless I visit my website chillinfood then I look back and it’s cool.

Day 360 Christmas Approaches, I try to create a custom meal (another wok dish) we also eat at a mystery restaurant. Also get some cool christmas gifts and eat at the ladys house. Then we cook ourselves a dope ass NYE 2017 meal at our new house fully custom.

Were lazy as fuck sometimes, since we didn’t have any ornaments bought a $30 thing from Target and threw that shit over top, BAM instant Christmas tree. Alright look down how to cook wok.


Step 1: Cut shit up, Step 2: Choke the Chicken, Step 3: Cut shit up, Step 4: Cook shit up, Step 5: Fry shit up. Recipe is also excellent, turned out Deliciouso –>Read ON

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Attempting to climb Pinnacle Mountain in Little Rock

So I’ve discovered this mountain near our house called Pinnacle Mountain and it supposedly has some pretty good views. I figured since I have my camera and what not I might as well try to climb it and document it. The first time I went up I just filmed a little bit and wasn’t in proper attire, the next day I tried to go back full gear and got my ass kicked by moms with babies on their backs. Assuming I was so close to the top I realized I was only on marker 4 out of 10! It means I really need to get into shape to finally conquer this beast, and I will before the years up!

Pinnacle Mountain State Park is located just over a mile from the northwest edge of Little Rock, AR, in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains. The primary natural feature of the 2,000 acre park is Pinnacle Mountain with an elevation 1,011 feet (308 m). It rises over 750 feet (230 m) above the nearby Arkansas River, which sits at about 250 feet (76 m) above mean sea level. Source: Pinnacle Wiki


Views from marker 4 where I had to stop, check out my video journey below of the previous day. I got pinnacle whooped.

My first attempt at using my new camera (Canon 70D) with (18-55MM) lens at doing something productive.


Time to climb down! I’ll continue to update this post with my Pinnacle climbing attempts/adventures so keep checking back *out of breath*

Second week of November 2016 Happenings


Kitty loves to chill in the window with mass killa face on.

This week I decided to buy a WoK after seeing some Japanese/Chinese cooking styles and was like hell yes let’s fry this shit up. So the WoK I bought from Krogers turned out to rust after a week (piece of shit) however the first 3 meals I made out of it were pure bliss and beauty. Also hit up another antique store and tried to climb a mountain. Wok along!

wok cooking!

This was the recipe for the Wok Stir Fry (gluten free)

Was amaze balls, Im going to wok more often when I find a new wok.

Read more to come along and check out Crystal Hill Antique Mall and my finds.

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WDW Day 2: EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival

stand clear of the doors

I made a gif out of the monorail pics I took.

Day 2 Blog Entry:

Today is the day my fatself is super happy because we are headed to the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival! If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically a bunch of different countries that you walk to instead of fly and try food from their culture, it’s amazeballs. They also have gluten free items at most of the countries so you glutenators can join in the fun. This will be a large blog post, if you missed Day 1 go back one blog post! Enjoy yourself.

Here we go!

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Fully custom Harry Potter wand holder

So I’ve got a few wands over the past few years from Hogwarts and since moving into the new house I had no idea where to put them or what to do with them since I had like 3 in a box in my closet which is not cool. Decided to hit up Hobby Lobby and grab few planks of wood, some spray paint, some bolts and make my own wand holder. After about a week of letting it dry, adding some gold, magical stuff, it turned out pretty good. Also added the map that came with the wands behind it and turned out pretty cool. This is only one want (Sirius Black) since I need to buy more bolts to attach more. Check it out below.


Soon as I get more of the bolts and paint them I’ll add the other two wands to the display and post an update, should look even better with more wands.

First week of September random things…

Did a couple random things this week, not much food update, but check it.


Hmm what did I do this week?

I pulled off some old light switches with vomit color and spray painted them all gold because it’s baller shit. I also spray painted my entire work bench area gold, because that’s baller as shit. Also grubbed at some restaurant and had an excellent tuna something salad, but can’t remember the name of it. Also drove back to Texas on the right up there and took that beautiful shot on the bridge.

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