Jesus Birthday 2014

Jesus birthday 2014!

Was a feast and the water tasted like wine and we thank you for this meal.

SO FULL right? then OOOOOh shit ima asleep.

Deviled Eggs Attempt

Tried to make deviled eggs. Okay so shells coming off the eggs don’t fuck around that shit was hard. Not martha stewart so yeah maybe next time. ha.

Gamer Legend Elite Coke Can

Now this is a legit coke can, It saw me as I walked into the grocery store and yelled out hey you! I was like who me? and was like bam Gamer Legend coke? I mean cmon had to drink this bad boy and show it who’s boss. Then I became a legend so the story goes…

Homemade Nutella

Homemade Nutella Toasty Breakfast

homemade pot pie & Shanks

Gluten free pot pies and Hawaiian shanks homemade unnn

ChillinScore:  6000

Homemade Waygu Burgers

Homemade Texas A&M Waygu Beef burgers


ChillinScore: 5k

NYE Steaks

Happy New Year

Christmas Day!

Christmas turkey

Thanksgiving 2013 (baytown)

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