Second week of November 2016 Happenings


Kitty loves to chill in the window with mass killa face on.

This week I decided to buy a WoK after seeing some Japanese/Chinese cooking styles and was like hell yes let’s fry this shit up. So the WoK I bought from Krogers turned out to rust after a week (piece of shit) however the first 3 meals I made out of it were pure bliss and beauty. Also hit up another antique store and tried to climb a mountain. Wok along!

wok cooking!

This was the recipe for the Wok Stir Fry (gluten free)

Was amaze balls, Im going to wok more often when I find a new wok.

Read more to come along and check out Crystal Hill Antique Mall and my finds.

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New Disney Candles & a Visit to Good Earth


Soarin Over, Pineapple Whip, Rome Burning Anthology Candles


Got in my new Disney Scented candles from Anthology, I’ve already done a post on them previously just wanted to share thoughts on these new scents. I bought Soarin Over, Rome Burning, and Pineapple Whip, now each one correlates with a Disney favorite as you probably know.

The Soaring Over, eh smells like oranges but mostly just put it out after 30 minutes because it’s so powerful and overwhelming. Dole Whip is also the same way real powerful but scent is pretty good for awhile. Now my favorite is Rome Burning which is just like the ride on Spaceship Earth at EPCOT, it’s one of my favorites and is probably the best scented candle they have to remind you of it!



Goodearth, the Disneyland of Garden, Shrubs, and what not stuff!

After we checked out Goodearth made a quick stop to the Pantry (a german spot) in West Little Rock, check out my review of the Pantry here.


Just a photo of our libations, this one was $13 and tasted like horse piss.

Thanks for checking out this quick update.


Nadeau Furniture, Little Rock, Arkansas Review

Well after few days of setting up stuff I searched for more furniture stores and came across one called Nadeau which describes themselves as “Furniture with a Soul” which accurately describes their furniture and style. I love the place, it smells good, they have awesome selections of furniture. The not so good, we would have bought a lot more furniture here but the staff doesn’t help that much and seemed kind of burdened when asking them things.


Cool stuff at Nadeau, no returns!

The real issue is the store is totally unorganized, they throw stuff everywhere to make it more of an eclectic feel which I totally understand but when I’m trying to find two night stands, or matching dressers you have to look over the entire stuff to find a matching piece, then not know if it’s the same or not. If they would put matching collections together we would have probably ended up buying an entire furniture set from this place. However asking the staff every time “hey is there another one like this” gets real old real fast. Also if you get it home and it falls apart there is no returns, so It’s a dope store just badly managed, Nadeau just organize your store and you’ll sell a lot more.


So I’ll if your searching the web click read more for a bunch of photos of what kind of stuff they offer.

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First Disney-Scented Anthology Candles Purchase


‘ve wanted some of these Disney inspired Anthology candles for awhile since I’ve seen them online, Buzzfeed, you name it and they have over 5K reviews saying they really do smell like Disney. So today I received in the mail my candles and smelt the “Rome Burning” which really smelt like EPCOT Spaceship Earth Rome burning portion of the ride and was amazed. You can also find and play the YouTube soundtrack for Spaceship earth for added effect and think you are actually there. These candles are legit and worth your $14 per candle price and they also accept PayPal.


Haunted Manor, Rome, Black Pearl, and a Wizards Sample pack are the ones I bought

Go purchase them at their website or on their etsy page. They are located in Charleston, South Carolina, when I visited there wasn’t a Anthology Candles I found so I’m guessing they don’t have a retail brick and mortar store yet.


The next candle scents I’m probably going to get from them will be Soarin Over, Pineapple Whip, Main Street Bakery, and probably Churros.


Gluten Free Pizza in Corpus Christi and some Tea

So I wanted to go hit up a few new places in downtown Corpus Christi that I haven’t been to in awhile and one used to be called Fandango Tea room that was an epic spot to grab food, now it’s opened up as something else and I read they have gluten-free options. So I decided to go on a journey to a few new places in Corpus.

First Stop: Lotus Dream Teas


Lots of tea! Cool place, they make there own blends and have variety of bath soaps, etc

Smelt like chili powder going in and realizing they were making their own blend, this Harry Potter feel potions class shop is an epic amazement to ones eye and senses. I’d love to move in here or work here, it’s a pretty cool small quaint place.

The rack all of the teas and the excellent service by the owner was fantastic, I scooped up some black tea as well as some Gun powder green tea which I can’t wait to brew up. Go check this spot out near the old Ying Yang spot downtown. Hit Read More…

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Few gluten free foodie stops in Houston, Texas


Late night sesh at Underbelly (beet salad)

On a quick trip to Houston for the weekend I found a few new places that are worth mentioning and posting about. Enjoying True Foods as always for lunch and then we found a badass spot called Phoenicia Foods in downtown Houston that is a foodies dreamland, then had dessert at a place called Bite Macaroons and a stop in between at a vinyl toy store. Oh yeah, also found a super sweet food truck called SMOSH that had amazing ice-cream sandwiches.


This place is top 5 gluten free deliciousness. Go here.

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World’s Best Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

810291001088Yo these are from the Hampton’s so you know it’s like baller shit already, but let me get one thing straight about these chocolate chip cookies. I know my cookies, I’m like the cookie monster and I’ve literally ate 100 different gluten free brands and nothing compares to these bomb ass cookies, they are the best. Especially when you leave them out for a hour or so and let them breathe they become perfectly soft and super tasty. Try some and comment and tell me they are and you know I am right!  Thank you Tate’s for delivering these to us, I could have swore they had wheat in them and had to check the box twice! They also have a few other flavors such as Double Dark Chocolate and Ginger Snap’s I have yet to try but will soon! I found these first at Whole Food’s and recently discovered them at World Market. Check them out here.

New products I’ve tried for August

Went on Amazon and bought a few new things to try out in the organicUSDA-Organic-Seal/gluten-free world so I will let you know how they are!




This Lakewood Organic juice is some bomb ass shit, it is like going full Willy Wonka on your taste buds. It’s like $4.99 but it sure is worth it, with stuff like banana, cinnamon, passion fruit and apple all bottled up ready to get in your mouth. The passion fruit gives me a pleasant passion for this juice, if you see it be sure to grab one and make sure its extra chilled. Organic & Gluten Free, check out their site here.




This was rated as a top selling facial scrub for men on Amazon and I’m not usually one to use anything on my face besides an Angels breath. Though I tried this stuff and I have to say I dig it, it has little bugs that grind on your face then massage you and throw mint leaves all up on it and leaves your face like you became a model, quite expensive but look forward to using it every other day. Find it for $10 on Amazon here. Gluten-Free




Now this stuff is the best lotion/hand cream I’ve ever used in my life and at $28 a tube it proves this 100 year old recipe Apothecary style lotion can hold up. It smells like pure lavender bliss and if lavender flowers could make milk this would be it, I put it up my nose just because I want to breathe it in, lol. The tube is extra cool too and gives me that 1900’s vibe and the cap is a bitch to put back on when your hands are lubed up. Gives quite a good coating to hands for a good hour or so before you need your crack lotion addiction again. Check it on Amazon here.