City Silo Table + Pantry, Memphis, TN

Eh being gluten free and wanting to try something new decided to hit up City Silo Table + Pantry. They really need to expand on their meat options and delicious options. The food was eh 2/5 and the presentation was eh.

It wasn’t like OMG we have to go back, more like eh, maybe. Also if you think your ordering something special it probably won’t be. Like a bowl of sweet potatos is just that bowl of cold sweet potatos. Nothing fancy. It’s okay, just don’t expect to be blown away unless your a 100% tree hugger where you don’t have taste buds.

Cold Brew and Organic Broccoli Bites



Stopped at the Whole Foods in Sugarland to do some shopping and came across a sweet new gluten free organic item by Rhythm Super Foods called Broccoli Bites. They come in a few different flavors but I chose the garden ranch flavor and they are so damn tasty. They look like nugs of chronic no doubt, however they are super delicious and not like that raw super food type snacks that are dry and bland.


Also picked up a espresso organic Chameleon cold brew which is some of my favorite stuff, def kicked me in 3rd. The Mexican Vanilla flavor is still my number 1.


Freeze-Dried Organic Strawberries

Started munching on these Freeze-Dried organic strawberries by Natierra, as well as some other varieties they have like Blueberries and they are epically delicious. Pretty damn tasty and melt in your mouth, I usually don’t like strawberries but having these are a lot easier to digest and munch on. You can find them on Amazon or Whole Foods.

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Gluten Free at True Food Kitchen (Houston,TX)

Had this on my Yelp bookmarks for awhile and finally got around to trying it. The restaurant is located behind a Whole Foods and next door to PESCA the fish restaurant. The parking is eh, but you can park in the Whole Foods parking garage or valet your ride.


Guac, Buffalo, Pasta, and Cocktails! Oh My!

The menu, service, and food quality is all 5 star. Had a few cocktails which were excellent as well as an omission lager beer in a cold mug. The menu notes everything that is Gluten-Free. You can get gluten free bread with the guacamole and chips which that dip is darn good. For main course had the buffalo with cauliflower puree wowwowowowow that is the best I have ever had, and the beef was so tender and seasoned perfectly.

The restaurant decor and bathrooms give off a real organic, earthy feel and fit perfectly with the dining experience. The first bathroom I’ve experienced that men and women both wash their hands together in a perfect world.

To-go we ordered a couple pizzas to go gluten free and let me tell you some of the best gluten free pizza I’ve ever had. I can’t wait back to get into True Food Kitchen this place is good.


Drinking gluten free beer while shopping

This Whole Foods was an awesome experience, located in the Woodlands, TX. I wish wish wish Corpus Christi had this kind of grocery store. I also speak from a gluten-free perspective where everything here is noted with organic, non gmo, gluten-free, etc. The environment is super clean and the staff was super helpful.

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They do have a bar which was full of older gentlemen (locals) with a pretty bartender eh! figures. So walking around to the side to grab a beer was a necessity. They have gluten-free beers (omission lager) which is excellent, especially in a cold mug walking around shopping!

The selection was excellent, huge fish market, huge cheese selection, great deli and eatery. Also breakfast croissants, cakes, cookies, etc. This reminds me of all the other Whole Food’s and if I lived near here I’d come everyday.

Whole Foods PLEASE open a store in Corpus Christi, TX *begs*

Check out my full adventure under Read More, I took photos of several sections of the store as well as a bunch of sweet gluten free stuff I’ve never witnessed before.

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Lucky Jack Organic Iced Coffee

New organic coffee I found at Sprouts and decided to give it a go. It’s real strong and hints of Arabica coffee and will def give you that BAM POW you need. I did not try it over ice, but I did throw some sugar in there and shake it up to make it tasty. It’s made with 100% Organic coffeeUSDA-Organic-Seal, ghee butter, and coconut oil.  Going to buy some more and try them out and see if I can get them on Amazon.

Vhgi8dPiKyyoQZj6p7ZGZyvEs41uGeZH0bQN0HDpW00Check them out at:

Homemade Organic Chicken

So I decided to hit up Sprouts and attempt to cook some chicken, it’s been few years since I’ve cooked chicken thighs but I was like let’s do it. Ended up with everything being organic including the chicken, rice pilaf, fingerling potatoes, and organic California vegetables. I loved how the potatoes turned out purple, was pretty sweet.


If you want to know what brands let me know I can post photos! Ended up being a feast with a bottle of Fogle Chardonnay.

Ruggles Green & Organic Energy

Gluten Free Bread Available,

I’ve eaten at the one in Rice Village area many times and there is so good, great management, etc.

2015-04-20 14.03.15 (Medium)This location was busy intersection in Sugarland… literally no parking, unless you walk about 100-200ft which isn’t to bad to get a little walk on. Parking Garage near by and many different shops. Located in what they call the “Square”.

This location has a cool interior, reminds me of the other one I’ve been to but friendly service, clean interior and clean restrooms. Only reason for not 5 star is the food was not as good as the one one, not sure… The Pork Panini I ordered with no cilantro came with cilantro and they forgot a dessert and had to go remind them and get it to go. Other than that I love Ruggles Green and will continue to support them forever.

Go Gluten-Free!

Organic Energy juice found at local market, was pretty good! Organic as well!
(Sprouts, Corpus Christi, Texas)

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