Branson Day 2: Silver Dollar City & White River Fish House

So Silver Dollar city is:Silver Dollar City is a theme park in the US state of Missouri. Opened on May 1, 1960. The park is an 1880s-themed experience that fits Branson’s vision as a family-friendly vacation destination with down-home charm. Silver Dollar City’s operating season runs from mid-March until late December, with the park closed during the months of January and February.

So now you know, I read about this which is why another reason to come visit Branson, and we went when it was hot, I can only imagine what it’s going to be like in the colder months to go back and check it out. Before the park we stopped at a Craft mall right near our hotel which turned out to be a bunch of old people shit and sewn together homemade junk crap. Like Hobby Lobby type crap, but they had a grill in the back so we grubbed lunch.

Pickin Porch Grill (sounds racist) No gluten free bun but fresh stuff and tasted good.


Let’s goto Silver Dollar City! Hit read more

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Nada Moo!, La Madeline’s, and Homemade Fish Dish

First week of April was pretty good, tried this new ice cream called Nada Moo and it has 0 Dairy, 0 Corn, 0 Corn Syrup, and it was Cookies & Cream. This is the only Cookies & Cream gluten free ice cream I’m aware of and it is EXCELLENT! Also hit up the chain La Madeline’s for an Omelette (took the bread off) and you dip it in the tomato basil soup, wow guacamole it’s good.

Also lady was trying those Sunkiss meals where they pre-package the ingredients and you cook them, most are super spicy and way to long to cook, this fish one however was pretty darn good.

Best Tasting Menu In America? Artisans Houston, TX

Artisans Entrance — Houston, Texas

Gluten Free Review
+gluten free tasting menu
+gluten free accommodations
+no gluten free bread however

So I’ve done around 11 tasting menus all over the country now and most of them are all about being trendy and hip, and trying to use foam and all this crap to get you to enjoy their food. While that’s an awesome experience it’s always leaving quality lacking.


Enter Artisans, a modern downtown Houston restaurant that is by far one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in awhile. The tasting menu is not only eye candy, it’s actually good food and great quality. Not to mention you get to sit at basically the “prep” area chefs table which is quite enjoyable.


Started off with some decent libations and that lobster bisque tho, also beats + feta.

chefs table

Not much “Chefs Table”

The Chef’s table isn’t actually a chefs table since no one is actually cooking anything out there, mostly final touches to dishes at least on the Tuesday night we went. The service was excellent, the price was reasonable, and the food quality was amazing and for them to accommodate gluten free status was beyond there duty and explained each dish perfectly. I’ll post pictures of my dishes instead of explaining each dish.

The only downside? Artisans cocktails were lacking, even though your suppose to enjoy wine pairing, I’d figure a place of this caliber would have a lot more choices of custom craft cocktails to be enjoyed, however it doesn’t change the quality of restaurant Artisans is. If your looking for an enjoyable foodie night out with great food, this is the place.


My dessert was gluten free (top) and brother had a cool candy crack rock (bottom).

If your in Texas, or Houston please check out Artisans, that was amazing.

Shaved Taro ribbon-ice at SnowBlock (Houston, TX)

Every now and then I have to take the pain to indulge in something I’ve never had. However, no adverse reactions here due to Snowblock while grubbing the Ribbon Taro ice. I knew the ice part was gluten-free but the high fructose corn syrup (ahh GMOS) is what bothered me.


servant slanging that taro ribbon ice for me



Very bright on the inside, a few dirty tables, a high school aged kid asking what I want? I let him know it’s my first time and the menu looks super confusing and I have no idea what to do. He says well you can get any of this up here and then looks back at me like the lazy employee he is, I go ooooooooh kay I’ll try the taro ribbon ice and a few gummie’s that were circular not sure what they were called. He then proceeded to open a freezer, unwrap the taro, and then place it in a machine that spun it off in the cup which took about 5 minutes for me, oh I imagine if there was line!

Then I paid and I was off with my first ever ribbon ice which I thought was going to taste like a sno-cone. I was wrong! The reason for 4 stars is the fact it actually tastes like ice cream and was excellent. The flavors and the topping mixed together well and surprisingly tasty and I’d love to go back soon for some more.

Montrose Something (Houston)

Some spot in Houston

Cool hipster joint with some vintage flair.

Paris Creperie (Rice Village)

Paris Creperie, Rice Village, Houston, TX

Still one of my top 3 favorite brunch spots, best crepes ever.

ChillinScore: 5

Blue Duck Tavern (Washington,DC)

Blue Duck Tavern, Washington, DC

One of the top 3 restaurants I’ve ever ate at. Delicious food, great service, great chefs, and where the President eats!

ChillinScore: 5

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