Fully custom Candie Bolton Pokemon

Candie Bolton & Cat

Collecting Vinyl Toys is a few year hobby of mine and I’m always looking for something unique to add to my collection. I’m not into all that mass produced bullshit for the sheep, so I only like to spend my hard earned bills on custom, unique, 1 of a kind, limited run type of toys. I found out about Candie Bolton on Youtube while searching for how to resin/mold your own toys and ended up now supporting her on Patreon because she’s a total badass.

Bolton has a variety of toys that she produces as well as some Pokemon figures as part of her Patreon deal that she gets from Japan and custom paints. These are out of this world, here is my first months custom painted toys below, you do get to pick a selection of the ones you like. This was Wailord and Seadra. They even smell like fresh paint, they are totally dope. If you want to check her out and support hit visit her Patreon link here.

Candie Bolton Seadra & Wailord

Her signature is awesome.

Go subscribe to her today, I’ll post once I get this months eliteness.


Second week of November 2016 Happenings


Kitty loves to chill in the window with mass killa face on.

This week I decided to buy a WoK after seeing some Japanese/Chinese cooking styles and was like hell yes let’s fry this shit up. So the WoK I bought from Krogers turned out to rust after a week (piece of shit) however the first 3 meals I made out of it were pure bliss and beauty. Also hit up another antique store and tried to climb a mountain. Wok along!

wok cooking!

This was the recipe for the Wok Stir Fry (gluten free)

Was amaze balls, Im going to wok more often when I find a new wok.

Read more to come along and check out Crystal Hill Antique Mall and my finds.

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my Lego Space Starter Set build! LegoChillin

I put together a lot of Lego’s so with my new lens and go pro I will start filming the progress of each and every build. This is a small space starter set but I really want to get the big space launch pad.This was shot on my Go Pro with water proof case since I didn’t have any proper mounting areas!