December & January Catch up- Gluten Free Fish & Chips!

So we had a great Christmas, many presents were opened and many travel plans were accomplished. After Canada it was time to get back to the real life and start enjoying some home time and getting things done. One of those things was making home made gluten free fish and chips. I will link the recipe at the end. I also haven’t had any fish and chips since Disney World at Raglan Road where they’re gluten free so I was pumped. It ended up being excellent! The one thing I will do different next time is make my own tartar sauce, the store bought kind sucks.


Fully custom fries, fish and chips! Delicious.


Look at that luscious fish right there, so juicy flaky good. Gluten Free

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Gluten Free Chic Fil Le, Maumelle Park, Butcher & Mexican


Gluten Free Chic Fil Le Bun

This a late June catch up post to catch myself up at light speed ok, thanks. Each one of these could have been their own post but had to compile some to save some time. June is a wonderful month in Little Rock, very beautiful and a little hot. Not nearly as hot as Texas, the humidity is almost non existent here.

First up I tried the new Chic Fil Le gluten free bun that comes in it’s own wrapper that you probably should toast first at home, was a little chilly. It was decent, but I’d prefer an udi’s bun over that. I do enjoy their grilled chicken nuggets though.


Two Rivers Park Bridge

The Two Rivers Park Bridge is a pedestrian and bike bridge connected to Maumelle Park. The bridge is 1,368 feet long. It’s also a biotch to ride your bike over, but it’s a very clean bike ride and adventurous at that! Check it out and click read more. June Adventures!


Riding over the Two Rivers Park Bridge

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2016 Perrine Winery Red Amarone

Got this from the bro and it turned out to be an excellent red wine, never heard of Amarone before but I chilled it and drunk it literally in 30 minutes. Was super tasty and real good fruity notes and I def need to get a case of this shipped to me.

2016-03-31 22.26.57 (Large)-2


from the Perrine Website:
The Huguenot
Our premium whites and reds and our dessert wines. Series named for Daniel “The Huguenot” Perrine, the first Perrine to come to the new world from France in the mid 1600’s.
Varietal Wines and Blends – $6.50 / 6oz glass; Whites $14.50 / 750ml bottle; Reds $18.95 / 750 ml bottle
Amaronea dry blend of Italian grown Corvina, Rondinella, & Molinara varietals. It is an intense, full flavor, full bodied wine with a sweet bouquet and flavors of cherries, plums, a hint of oak & dark chocolate.
Go check them out if your in College Station, or online.

Green’s Gluten Free Beer Dubbel Dark Ale

Recently tried this beer off my gluten free beer list and it is damn good. They have three different styles but the Dubbel Dark Ale is my favorite that has a slight bubbly pop to it. The Tripel Blonde is decent and the Amber is the least favorite of the three. This beer is a contender for my favorite gluten free beer, almost outing Tweason Ale, and Omission, however I like to switch it up. It’s also a great beer if your not allergic!


Notes about Green’s:

Brewed in Belgium, Green’s relies on millet, sorghum, rice, and buckwheat to concoct its line. While the caramel-y Discovery Amber Ale, rich and toffee-tinged Endeavour Dubbel Ale, and fruity and potent Quest Gluten-Free Tripel Ale are all wonderful, the latest release is a revelation: Crisp, refreshing, and fabulously floral, Enterprise Dry-Hopped Lager is perfect from afternoon to last call.

Gluten Free Experience at CRISP in Houston

Found this place on YELP under Gluten-Free Restaurants within our area, turned out to be some of the best gluten free food yet! Free Valet parking as well! Got right in on a Saturday night, seated, served water and an excellent waitress. The menu is denoted with gluten free items, and one that CRISP needs to change is the Lone Star Beer Chicken, I asked her and she said it’s not it’s cooked with beer (gluten) yet the menu denotes it’s gluten free. I need to email them and ask them why or if they remove it some how which I highly doubt. This could cause some pain for a person!


Otherwise got a bottle of wine which was tasty and reasonably priced and some Truffle Parm Fries for an appetizer which were so damn tasty I want them now. Got the buffalo meat entree which was some of the most melt in your mouth noms I’ve had in such a long time. It was perfectly cooked and had an excellent flavor that went well with the Polenta (which I only had few bites of) but none the less was awesome.If your in Houston and grubbing Gluten-Free go check out CRISP!


2011 Flora Springs Chardonnay

My Rating: 85+
Location:Napa Valley

20150511-2013-05-09_20_50_43__large_winemaker notes:

Balance, balance, balance—in life, in wine, after a bottle of wine—it’s an elusive ambition. However, after thirty years of crafting world renowned wines, the Flora Springs name has become synonymous with perfectly balanced Napa Valley Chardonnay. The legacy began when our inaugural vintage in 1978 was awarded a gold medal at the Orange County Fair. A few years later our status of gold was bronzed when James Laube selected Flora Springs as one of his “First Growth” producers of Chardonnay in his book California’s Great Chardonnays.

We intentionally minimize the amount of oak we use on this wine to let the fruit show through. The aromatics are what we have come to expect from a predominantly Carneros blend—bright, up-front honey, pear, apple and mango that flows into the palate with a crisp acidity and fresh citrus nuance. This is a great wine to sip by itself, but would also be a wonderful accompaniment to a fresh summer salad.

Blend: 100% Chardonnay

2010 St. Jean’s Reserve Chardonnay

My Rating: 95+
Location:Napa Valley

20150511-2013-04-04_21_45_15__large_winemaker notes:

This is an outstanding representation of St. Jean’s Reserve Chardonnay. The wine invites with aromas of warm lemon cream pie, toasted hazelnuts and bright notes of tropical fruit like pineapple and mango. The palate is complex with layers of flavors including orange blossom, lemon zest, browned butter and baking spice. The well structured wine is balanced with a rich texture and expressive acidity. The lively finish lingers with a classic lemon oil flavor.

Blend: 100% Chardonnay
ABV: 14.4%

Carinos (College Station)

Carinos Ghetto Wine and Rita Tasting

Venetian Hot PLate (port Aransas)

Venetian Hot Plate, Port Aransas, TX

Always good grub here, delicious food, great service, and nice experience.

ChillinScore: 4

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