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Raglan Road (Downtown Disney)

Gluten-Free Menu Items:  At Raglan Road most of their menu can be made gluten-free, including gluten-free onion rings, gluten-free fish & chips, gluten-free calamari,  gluten-free pasta, gluten-free scallops and a lot of other options.  See the menu here.


Splitsville (Downtown Disney)

Splitsville located in Downtown Disney has quickly become one of the most popular spots for families and adults to spend time. It’s a terrific spot to bowl day or night. With its retro vibe and cool atmosphere, it’s no wonder that it’s such a big hit with 014Downtown Disney visitors. In addition to the bowling and live entertainment, Splistville also offers an extensive and unique menu. Sushi at a bowling alley? At Splitsville that’s a must! And special diets diners can now also get a chance to enjoy some of these options, as Splitsville recently restructured their menu to include not just 1 but 16 gluten free menu offerings (see my post on the menu HERE).



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