First Class Airline Cabins

So I really love watching YouTube videos late at night of people flying first class around the world and what the experience is like because one day that’ll be me. Now I’ve flown business/first domestically but outside of the United States I have not. So I have got some photos together of all the different airlines around the world and their firs class accommodations. Check it out:

Start with one of my favorites,

Emirates First Class A380

check out this guys full journey here.

Emirates-A380-First-Class-001 Emirates-A380-First-Class-005 Emirates-A380-First-Class-053 Emirates-A380-First-Class-068 Emirates-A380-First-Class-079


Etihad First Class Apartment A380

This one is pretty sweet and has it’s own apartment and lounges for people to mingle.

Etihad-A380-First-Class-01 Etihad-A380-First-Class-04 Etihad-A380-First-Class-57 Etihad-A380-First-Class-65 Etihad-First-Class-777-45


Cathay Pacific First Class 777

Cathay-Pacific-First-Class-777-01 Cathay-Pacific-First-Class-777-31 Cathay-Pacific-First-Class-777-54 Cathay-Pacific-First-Class-Bed


Japan Airlines First Class 777

JAL-First-Class-777-29 Japan-Airlines-First-Class-01 Japan-Airlines-First-Class-18 Japan-Airlines-First-Class-35


Singapore Airlines Suites Class A380

Singapore-A380-Suites-Class-051 Singapore-A380-Suites-Class-53 Singapore-Airlines-Lobster-Thermidor-1 Singapore-Suites-1 Singapore-Suites-2


Lufthansa First Class 747-400

Lufthansa-747-First-Class-1 Lufthansa-747-First-Class-2 Lufthansa-First-Class


All these first class adventures were all taken by this elite dude lucky who is a badass, check out his flights adventures here:


I’ll be posting more first class cabins soon, but for now these should suffice your thrive to travel.