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Calling 1-800-FU-GLUTEN

My thoughts on Eosinophilic Esophagitis and Gluten and being a fat kid and not being able to eat good shit anymore, so I will post here when I get upset about not getting to eat that deep fried oreo. If you have bullshit frustrated thoughts on the reals, please leave them in the comments and I will add them to the list. Don’t be afraid LET THAT SHIT OUT.


  • fuck u gluten
  • esinophilic what, u dumb named fuckima fuck you up gluten
  • oh wheat u think ur so cool, well rice owns u u little bish
  • I still haven’t lost weight? THIS IS BULLSHIT
  • Deep fried snickers?! hell yes! oh wait, fuck u stomach and ur bullshit
  • Oh you got no gluten free desserts? WELL FK UR RESTAURANT YOU PIECE OF shit
  • oh your gluten free menu is a salad, are you fucking dumb, bet ud put croutons
  • Oh you can eat anything you want, well I dont give a fuck
  • GMOS I thought we were friends, I guess you did this to me, FUCK U
  • Organic? Illuminati? Non GMO? What am I a skinny blonde house wife this is bullshit on planet horseshit
  • dude gluten for real, die inrl
  • You don’t know what gluten is? That’s why you work in this restaurant
  • Oh it’s just a fad, well how bout I put my stomach in yours you fuckface
  • Oh it’s just a trend, well do I look cooler now that I’m gluten free? DO I
  • Oh your an ice cream that has wheat in it???!?! WHAT THE FUCK!
  • im tired, FUCK U TIRED, well netflix maybe? no fuck u
  • SHIT that was wheat, fuck u for making the box look the same
  • Least video games are gluten free am I right?
  • What if they had computers that were not gluten free FML
  • Your gluten free but can’t guarantee cross contamination? well then WTF U DOING BRO
  • This is not poison but I can’t guarantee someone didn’t poison it.
  • All these acids in ingredients, no wonder ppl still die early

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