Toronto Like a Tourist Part 1

I’ve never done a “mileage run” before, nor have I heard of it before actually becoming a United Premier Silver member. Basically once you fly a lot on a certain airline you get rewarded if you hit a certain number of miles, qualifying segments and dollars spent per 1 year. Reading that if you don’t hit it within 1 year after the new year comes around you lose all progress, so it would be a shame for me to miss “silver” status and all it’s perks by only $250.

So I decided to book a flight to Toronto for the weekend which ended up in a 4 night trip due to delays of course (classic United). I’ll explain more about Premier Silver status by United laater on. I did all the major tourist things and then some, especially when your gluten free you always know it’s going to lead you off the beaten path to more authentic local spots which is a bonus.

I love flying 40,000 feet viewing the cloud grounds, it’s Care Bear world eh!
After customs these are the international arrivals, it’s massive!
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Weekend in Denver by Frontier Airlines

I’ve been wanting to go to Denver for awhile, haven’t been since I was a kid. Little Rock Airport finally got Frontier Airlines which is a low cost carrier based out of Denver so now was the best opportunity to take advantage of low fares! I think it ended up being around $150/per person round trip. Plus we upgraded to the front extra leg room seats which was like $20/person I think. Overall Frontier airlines was a pleasant experience, cool plane designs and was a spacious A320. I’d fly them again, seems like low cost carriers are becoming better than United + American! This w

Boarding our A320 Air Frontier, I think our animal was goat. (on the tail, haha)
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Plane Spotting around IAH Airport

So had a quick weekend trip but some long layovers in IAH (Houston International Airport, Houston, Texas). So decided to walk all the terminals and check out all the planes that are stationed there for that time. I found a bunch of cool ones and ones I really want to fly in the future. The most amazing one? The Lufthansa A380. WOW.

Flight Views from LIT to IAH. Clouds looked really rad.
Coming in for a land, looks like landing in Ireland or something, nope just Texas.
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Vancouver, BC & First Class Flights

The last day of our great Canadian journey has come to an end, sad to say, but it just goes to show Canada truly is a place you can go time and time again. Every time I go to Canada it’s an amazing experience, I can’t say that for the USA, someone is always drunk or on crack around here or doesn’t give a fuck about their job and shits on the customers. Let’s jump into it with some photos.

This was a view from a roadside stop off. Amazing views!
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Exploring Sqaumish, British Columbia

Squamish is a town north of Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada. It’s at the northern tip of the island-dotted Howe Sound, and surrounded by mountains like the Stawamus Chief, a huge granite monolith. The Sea to Sky Gondola has views of the sound and nearby Shannon Falls, a towering waterfall cascading down a series of cliffs. The Britannia Mine Museum has underground train tours. Bike trails criss-cross the area.

Driving to Squamish from Whistler is about 45 minute drive, the beauty along the way makes the drive cake.
So excited we get to ride a gondola! All of them were closed in Whistler for the season.
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Mind Blowing Vallea Lumina in Whistler

Vallea Lumina is a light show through the mountains of Whistler, this is one of the most amazing and trippiest thing’s you’ll ever do or see in your life. If your in Whistler or near, this is worth the trip to go see. It’s quite the hike at 9PM but it’s worth it to push forward. You get picked up from one of a few locations and they take you on a 15 minute bus ride to the spot. It’s also a place during the day rents 4-wheelers, snowmobiles, etc. Come along on this journey of the trippiest, scenic, and mind blowing 4d experience.

This was the end of Vallea Lumina where you could do a photo shoot, read more to begin!
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Exploring Whistler Olypmic Village

Okay let’s go explore Whistler’s Olypmic Village, a little information about it below.

The Whistler Olympic and Paralympic Village was a 2010 Winter Olympics facility in the resort town of Whistler, British Columbia. The Olympic Village is considered one of Whistler’s legacy projects, in that it is being used after the Olympics to help house and train Canadian athletes. Whistler is one of the two host communities for the Games. The site of this athletes’ village is in the Cheakamus Valley approximately 20 minutes south of the Whistler Mountain competition venues, and 6 km from the highway cutoff for the Whistler Olympic Park sliding events venue in the Callaghan Valley

First we stopped by a Ski Slope Base Camp that a helicopter was taking supplies up the mountain, totally rad.
To the Village we go!
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