Robert Mondavi Napa Merlot 2006

Robert Mondavi…you know what’s up. This 2006 Merlot is a great tasting one, I let it decant for about 20 minutes then started on it, very tasty with good notes.


winemakers notes:
Aromas of ripe wild berries carry hints of bay leaf, forest floor and cedar. Fleshy blueberry and blackberry flavors lay atop a skeleton of well-structured tannins. A silky wine that envelops the mouth and ends with a lengthy finish.
Score: 91
Price: $28
Location: Napa Valley, CA,

2005 I’llmitz Burgenland Pinot Gris

This one was drunk at the Republic of Texas Bar & Grill
Is a rare pinot gris, which you can only find in restaurants, if they still have it in stock, and was one of the BEST Pinot Gris I’ve ever tasted. I’ve tried to find more to buy, but it’s impossible. I couldn’t even find a picture of the bottle online!!



..the nose is intense lemon (almost Pledge like)…it is also more serious on the palate with quince, lemon and orange zest…it is round in the mouth with an oily texture but the acidity pokes grassiness…quite pleasingIt was very tasty and tangy, amazing.

Price: $55
Location: Burgenland, Austria
Score: 95

2007 Michele Chiarlo Nivole Moscato D’Asti

Had this one for Valentines Day @ the Vietnam Restaurant, went perfectly.
I’ve been getting into Moscato’s lately, they taste amazing. It’s a half bottle, so only fills 2 glasses, but it’s all you need.


Typical are the hints of citrus fruit, lime blossom and minerals; its freshness on the palate, fragrance and well-balanced spirituousness make it a very elegant wine.

Price: $22
Location: Italy (Piedmont Region)
Score: 90

2009 Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling

This was a wine we picked up to try, I wasn’t to much for Rieslings because there usually really sweet, but this one was good. Not to good, but good. lol. This was the first wine I’ve drank from Oregon. I’ll be adding a “Types of Grapes” section soon!


Harvest Select Riesling is made in a slightly sweeter style than our “Columbia Valley Riesling” but still shows the elements of classic Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling. It offers beautiful crisp Washington Riesling character with rich flavors of ripe pears and peaches. The fresh fruit and decadent character is balanced with crisp acidity to keep the wine in harmony. This is a perfect patio sipping wine or would be a great match with Thai food.

Score: 85
Location: Columbia Valley, Oregon
Price: $10

Santa Margherita Prosecco Brut

I saw my first Prosecco at HEB that was on special and I tried it, and now I think Prosecco is pretty elite. This one is buy the Santa Margherita Estate, which also produces the pinot grigio I reviewed, this one was actually good.


Santa Margherita Prosecco Brut – Delicate and dry with long-lasting, concentrated bubbles and fresh aromas of fruit. Up-front floral flavors are followed by a mixture of lychee and lemoon citrus.

Score: 91 for Sparkling
Price: $20
Location: Italy

Fetzer Gewurztraminer 2009

Our bartender told me about a new grape called the “Gewurztraminer” I’ve never heard of… reading up on it, they say its a cross of Sauv Blanc and other varietals, very sweet. Made with Steel Casks, no oak barrels. I can’t drink it, way to sweet for me, but the lady seems to like.


In this vintage to be remembered, about two-thirds of the grapes were sourced from the cool Central Coast region of California, where early spring rains led to a bit of Noble Rot in just enough grape bunches to add a touch of complexity and richness to the wine. Tangerine, mango and clean aromas of orange spice join with pineapple, baked pears and hints of tell-tale cinnamon, common to Gewürztraminer. This wine can be zesty, and flavors of clove, orange and caramelized apples come to the fore.

Price: $8
Location: Hopland, California

2007 Santa Ema Merlot- Maipo Valley

First wine I drank from Chile! This is Santa Ema Reserve Merlot from Maipo Valley 2007.
I just wanted to expand my red palet so I got a cheap bottle import! and it was alright!


This reserve Merlot was a treat. It is aged in oak barrels for eight months, imparting a nice, but not overpowering, oaky characteristic. This wine is a deep violet-ruby red. The color is just outstanding.

Flavor notes: of blackberries and currents come forward and it also has touches of vanilla.

This is a soft, drinkable wine with some nice sophistication.

Score: 80
Location: Maipo Valley, Chile
Price: $13

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