Santa Margherita Prosecco Brut

I saw my first Prosecco at HEB that was on special and I tried it, and now I think Prosecco is pretty elite. This one is buy the Santa Margherita Estate, which also produces the pinot grigio I reviewed, this one was actually good.


Santa Margherita Prosecco Brut – Delicate and dry with long-lasting, concentrated bubbles and fresh aromas of fruit. Up-front floral flavors are followed by a mixture of lychee and lemoon citrus.

Score: 91 for Sparkling
Price: $20
Location: Italy

Fetzer Gewurztraminer 2009

Our bartender told me about a new grape called the “Gewurztraminer” I’ve never heard of… reading up on it, they say its a cross of Sauv Blanc and other varietals, very sweet. Made with Steel Casks, no oak barrels. I can’t drink it, way to sweet for me, but the lady seems to like.


In this vintage to be remembered, about two-thirds of the grapes were sourced from the cool Central Coast region of California, where early spring rains led to a bit of Noble Rot in just enough grape bunches to add a touch of complexity and richness to the wine. Tangerine, mango and clean aromas of orange spice join with pineapple, baked pears and hints of tell-tale cinnamon, common to Gew├╝rztraminer. This wine can be zesty, and flavors of clove, orange and caramelized apples come to the fore.

Price: $8
Location: Hopland, California

2007 Santa Ema Merlot- Maipo Valley

First wine I drank from Chile! This is Santa Ema Reserve Merlot from Maipo Valley 2007.
I just wanted to expand my red palet so I got a cheap bottle import! and it was alright!


This reserve Merlot was a treat. It is aged in oak barrels for eight months, imparting a nice, but not overpowering, oaky characteristic. This wine is a deep violet-ruby red. The color is just outstanding.

Flavor notes: of blackberries and currents come forward and it also has touches of vanilla.

This is a soft, drinkable wine with some nice sophistication.

Score: 80
Location: Maipo Valley, Chile
Price: $13

Stags Leap 2009 Cabernet

Had this for dinner one night, and to my surprise, was excellent. Would def recommend + buy again.

My Rating: 95+
Location:Napa Valley
20130117-150729_318965558220496_1845484019_nwinemaker’s notes:

The 2009 Artemis Cabernet Sauvignon offers inviting aromas of black cherry cola, red cherry, vanilla bean and cocoa powder along with a touch of clove and sage. These notes carry over onto the palate and combine with flavors of milk chocolate, toasty oak and hint of wintergreen. The wine has a smooth texture with great depth and fine-grained tannins. The vibrant fruit, great structure and balanced acidity make this wine pair extremely well with hardy dishes such as braised short ribs or filet mignon with a Cabernet and wild mushroom demi-glace.

Blend: 86% Cabernet Sauvignon and 14% Merlot
alcohol by volume: 14.5%

Canoli 2009 Pinot Grigio

I got this, because I fall for marketing every once n awhile, and I’ve seen this brand around. So I had to try it to post, and I chilled it over night, and just started drinking it, and it’s very watering… more or less a bad chardonnay almost. I would not recommend it, it’s very disgusting.


Straw-yellow in color with hints of green.It has a full, fruity aroma that is very long-lasting, and a dry, mellow taste that is particularly well balanced for such a full-bodied wine.–Winemakers Note

Score: 60
Price: $8
Location: Italy

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