June through September Catch-up, Dallas, Las Vegas, Little Rock, Let’s go!

I haven’t had time to update weekly right now so I will be posting all the adventures I’ve had during the months of June through September. Las Vegas, Dallas, Little Rock, and some gluten free fun. So check out the photos below.

The Pantry, Little Rock, AR

Grubbing again at the German eatery called The Pantry, its located in Little Rock, AR. Its pretty decent, nothing major but still a good meal. House Made Bratwurst, Iron Skillet Potatoes, Sauerkraut 3/5.

Also the Filet dish from Oceans in LR, pretty good, but nothing like the Republic of Texas.

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Dallas Trip: Day 2 Six Flags Over Texas

Day 2 Chillin Trip Report: On the way to Six Flags over Texas! Who’s ready for some roller coaster fun. I didn’t take to many photos, more or less video however I won’t be compiling a video edit for this post since I already made a personal one. But check out some of the sights of Six Flags Over Texas, located in Dallas, Texas.

Six Flags

It’s like arriving to Magic Kingdom! Heading into Six Flags

Six Flags

Heading into the entrance, apparently they had an advocare party going on later in the day which closed the park earlier. Fucked our trip by 2 hours. Fuck You Advocare. (read more)

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Dallas Trip: Day 1 Checking In and Medieval Times

So family took a trip to Dallas, Texas for the weekend and we hit up Six Flags Over Texas & Medieval Times. Turned out to be a great trip. Six Flags was pretty cool and chill and wasn’t that busy. Medieval Times was awesome and pretty darn epic, being a medieval fan it sure hit the sweet spot. We were on the red (VIP) team and of course our knights won the battle,HUZZAH. Also saw that magical Elsa plane on the way in to Dallas.


Stayed at some Embassy Suites that was decent, however management was a high school drop out I’m sure.

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a visit to Dallas Texas and the Dallas Zoo

Stop 5: Dallas, TX

On wards to Dallas, TX and this time we flew United again since it was cheaper this time and the Economy Plus seats are no joke. This adventure we went to the Mansion restaurant, the Dallas Zoo, a badass gluten-free brunch spot, and the Dallas Natural History Museum.


Watch some TV in Economy Plus and kick back!

Day 1: The Mansion, Dallas, TX

We found a great restaurant called the Mansion which has been in Dallas for awhile apparently and it was none the less a great experience, and had some awesome food. I didn’t photo everything because it was really a private dining experience but instead captured our desserts. The food was excellent and the restaurant was beautiful, the cocktails that were holiday themed were awesome.


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CC Airport and American Airlines Losing Luggage

airport2 (Medium)

Busy Corpus Christi

This week I will be updating my blog with my journey to Charleston, South Carolina. I left Corpus Christi had a layover in Dallas (where my bags got lost) and finally arrived in Charleston. The adventure shall begin, but wait I don’t have any clothes, noooooooooooo.

Also the TSA at Corpus Christi is a hassle like the million dollar scanners machines must suck that you still had to totally rip apart someones bag in front of 20 other customers, like the sorority girl in front of me. I’m sure she wasn’t happy with you pulling all her bras and panties out of while kids watched. Maybe TSA have a dedicated search station not within the eyes of customers???

airport1 (Medium)

Dallas Airport is beautiful and a flight next to mine was going to Sydney (oyyy mate!) I also like looking at the people and being like ALL THEM AUSSIES THERE MATE. That must be a long ass shitty flight unless your flying first class, eholey! Anyways I get to Charleston and they don’t have my luggage alongside 5 other people and apparently some lazy ass employee just forgot to throw our bags on the plane?? I mean how do you fucking forget a bag that’s there? Finally they found my bag the next day and had it delivered and nothing was stolen thank goodness.The entire Charleston airport is under construction to at the moment, so nothing pretty there.

airport3 (Medium)

Flying over Dallas

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