The End of our Eurotrip Adventure

First trip to Europe was a success and great adventures were had. Explored a lot of things I never though I’d see in this decade and got to visit another Disneyland Park! Now I’m planning on going back already, the only thing that delayed me was the 7 or 8 hour journey! Now I know to just buy an inflatable seat cushion off Amazon next time and I’m good to go. Premium Economy is the way to go, first class for $6000 for only 7 hour flight just doesn’t make sense to me, but I understand if you got it, spend it. Let’s roll out.

Our noble steed back to London Heathrow from Paris, An Airbus A319. British Airways was legit, almost like Southwest Airlines hospitality.

The Paris airport was actually dope on the inside, this was like a kids room while waiting for the terminal. Totally rad! Rude gate agents and shitty incoming airport, but outgoing = legit.

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Journey to Hershey, PA, the Sweetest place on Earth

After our journey to Rochester, MN we caught a flight to Harrisburg, PA which is a 15 minute drive from Hershey, PA. Our connection was in Chicago, IL and we missed our connection due to de-icing of our plane, had to wait for over 4 hours in the airport for the next flight out to Harrisburg, once there we rented a car and drove to Hershey, PA. BAM

Chicago, IL Flight

5AM flight to Harrisburg, PA Shit Sucked Balls


Landed in Chicago, now grounded for another hour for de-icing

Layover Lunch at Tuscany Cafe (Chicago Airport)

Tuscany Cafe

Our grub sesh at the O’Hare Tuscany Cafe

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CC Airport and American Airlines Losing Luggage

airport2 (Medium)

Busy Corpus Christi

This week I will be updating my blog with my journey to Charleston, South Carolina. I left Corpus Christi had a layover in Dallas (where my bags got lost) and finally arrived in Charleston. The adventure shall begin, but wait I don’t have any clothes, noooooooooooo.

Also the TSA at Corpus Christi is a hassle like the million dollar scanners machines must suck that you still had to totally rip apart someones bag in front of 20 other customers, like the sorority girl in front of me. I’m sure she wasn’t happy with you pulling all her bras and panties out of while kids watched. Maybe TSA have a dedicated search station not within the eyes of customers???

airport1 (Medium)

Dallas Airport is beautiful and a flight next to mine was going to Sydney (oyyy mate!) I also like looking at the people and being like ALL THEM AUSSIES THERE MATE. That must be a long ass shitty flight unless your flying first class, eholey! Anyways I get to Charleston and they don’t have my luggage alongside 5 other people and apparently some lazy ass employee just forgot to throw our bags on the plane?? I mean how do you fucking forget a bag that’s there? Finally they found my bag the next day and had it delivered and nothing was stolen thank goodness.The entire Charleston airport is under construction to at the moment, so nothing pretty there.

airport3 (Medium)

Flying over Dallas

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Avis Detroit Metropolitan Airport Nightmare

After them not answering the phones for 30 minutes at the Detroit Airport we took a risk, boarded a bus, and arrived at Avis 10 minutes later with bus drivers who drive so fast the luggage slides off the racks.
2015-10-06 21.55.05 (Large)
Then with 2 check-in employees and about 18 people in line moving at a snails pace and one of the older employees checking people in asking about customers days and what there doing while we sweated in line for over an hour and a half. We booked a BMW X5 online and after an over hour wait we finally got our customer service representative who barely spoke English and told us she was “hooking us up” and giving us a “great rate” and she couldn’t believe we got this luxury car for “so cheap”. Thirty minutes go by of her typing away and we finally go outside to pick up our ride and it’s a X3 which is a micro machine compared to an X5.

We walked back inside and said ma’am we booked an X5 and she goes oh let me see, oh it’s X3 I’m sorry and she goes let me get the manager (took 10 minutes for a manager to come.) She explains soon as I’m done with you guys I’m leaving for the night I’m so tired, while 20 customers were still waiting in line.

2015-10-06 21.54.59 (Large)




Also told us she would give it to us at the same rate, even though we already paid for an x5. The manager comes and goes sorry it says X5 or other.. we go what the fk.. this is BS. I go okay she said she will give it to us at same price and he goes she doesn’t have the authority to do so. We said whatever give us the X5 and we will worry about it later. Twenty more minutes go by and finally the car arrives, brand new X5 fresh to death bam what we ordered.


2015-10-07 01.07.56 (Large)




Needless to say, please stay away from fuckhole Avis and go with Enterprise or somewhere else, this location of Avis is a complete and udder failure of American business. Fuck you Avis.

Cool River Cafe at Dallas Love Airport

2015-10-06 16.16.04 (Large)
Was traveling to Detroit, Michigan and had a layover at the Dallas Love Airport. Gave this overpriced Cool River Cafe restaurant a try which was crap food quality and some real crappy airport service. The food was dry, bland, seemed all frozen with little to no flavor and they didn’t even ask what time our flight was. I guess I’m use to that Houston hospitality.  They also had no gluten-free menu or gluten free bread. I chose a ceasar salad with chicken oh my!

2015-10-06 16.16.12 (Large)

no gluten free bread, what?!?!

2015-10-06 16.16.08 (Large)

crabby cakes

Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. and a quick bite

Free wifi, great bartender, good food, and spots to sit and put your feet up.

A lot of people say this terminal sucks, but it’s not bad. It’s small and not like the other side I hear of this airport which is HUGE but the check-in lines are fast and the AC is pumping cold air which I love.

You walk down a corridor after checking your bags and boom you have some snack spots, a juice bar, an alcohol bar, and a cologne and perfume. I’m allergic to gluten so I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to find anything to eat but I ordered a sandwich with no bread and it was PILED on, see pics, it was so good with some homemade sauce they make. A crown and coke sandwich, pickles, chips so legit.

Also when waiting for your flight they have chairs that you can sit on and put your feet up and watch planes take off which I’ve never seen in an airport and to me was awesome. Again- FREE WIFI.


Reagan National Airport, Washington, DC

Great bar food, excellent service, and awesome special sauce.

ChillinScore: 4

Pappadeaux (Houston)

Pappadeaux Houston Hobby Airport.

Always awesome and fast! They even ask when your flight is to make sure your food comes out on time. Hey take the metal fork but not the plastic knifes lol.