My Birthday Post, oh yeah what did I do?


Birthday Pho Bowl, I think yes.

Well 30 is fucking old it seems these days and what better way to celebrate than a huge bowl of Pho which is Nectar of the Gawds. I also got an Amazon Echo and some cool Disney Vinylmation toys which is sweet, especially when I can control all my Phillips Hue lights with Echo, “Alexa, turn off lamp”, “Alexa turn on bathroom light 30%” it’s fucking sweet and It’s the future if you don’t have this setup your living in the 50’s bro lol. I’ll post more swag later.


New Vinylmations & amazon echo next to my legit hypno cube from ThinkGeek

Amazon Dash turned Pop Tart Button?

So I bought this… we will see how it goes, have not plugged it in to my account, but Instead of water I really want to link it up to some gluten free pop tarts and put this button next to my computer. Randomly be like BAM I NEED MY POP TARTS NOW. Wish it was Amazon Dash Drone Delivery within an hour… I can’t wait for the future of technology. I can vividly see and picture the future use of instant product arrival, ugh.