Quick trip to Round Rock, Texas and some Texas BBQ

Had to come up to Round Rock for a graduation and explored a few of the local dining options and had some great luck. Didn’t have any clue that Round Rock had it’s own little food scene, It’s about an hour drive north of Austin, a pleasant one at that. But first had an epic toy and candle find on my trip in Vegas that I packed and totally forgot about until now, check it below.


New addition to the center speaker, got a dope croc and Wynn candle back in Vegas!

Ok click read more to check out my first stop Jack Allen’s Kitchen!

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Kerby Lane (Austin)

Kerby Lane Cafe, Austin, TX

Great 24/7 restaurant, GLUTEN-FREE PANCAKES!?!!

So good.

ChillinScore: 5

Daily Grill (Austin)

Daily Grill, Austin, Tx

ChillinScore: 4

Uchiko (Austin)


Austin, Tx

ChillinScore: 4