Green’s Gluten Free Beer Dubbel Dark Ale

Recently tried this beer off my gluten free beer list and it is damn good. They have three different styles but the Dubbel Dark Ale is my favorite that has a slight bubbly pop to it. The Tripel Blonde is decent and the Amber is the least favorite of the three. This beer is a contender for my favorite gluten free beer, almost outing Tweason Ale, and Omission, however I like to switch it up. It’s also a great beer if your not allergic!


Notes about Green’s:

Brewed in Belgium, Green’s relies on millet, sorghum, rice, and buckwheat to concoct its line. While the caramel-y Discovery Amber Ale, rich and toffee-tinged Endeavour Dubbel Ale, and fruity and potent Quest Gluten-Free Tripel Ale are all wonderful, the latest release is a revelation: Crisp, refreshing, and fabulously floral, Enterprise Dry-Hopped Lager is perfect from afternoon to last call.

GlutenFree Omission Pale Ale

Gluten-Free Omission Pale Ale in a Cold Mug during Christmas time

this is where it’s at, that flat bang bang hit to your buds makes you go ooooh ahhh eeeeh then you get all warm n BAM christmas hits u. k thx.

Gluten Free District of Pi Pizza Washington DC

Life of Pi Pizza, Washington, DC

Best pizza joint ever, great service, good food, and Gluten-Free friendly and gluten-free food

ChillinScore: 3

Tweason Ale!

New gluten free beer by Dogfish

ChillinScore: 3