Las Vegas 2018: Hell’s Kitchen, E-Sports Arena, United First Gluten Free

Heres a photo video slideshow of my latest trip to Las Vegas. Checked out the new Luxor E-Sports Arena, had a full lunch at Gordon Ramsay’s newest spot Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace. Also flew United First class and experienced a gluten free dinner meal. Also tried a new spot at Paris “The Eiffel Restaurant”, was so good. Paris Casino is in fact the best gluten free casino in Las Vegas period.


La’Berge Cafe, Lake Charles, LA

Great staff, shit hole old people food

ChillinScore: 0

Coushatta Cafe (Kinder,LA)

Coushatta Cafe, Kinder, LA

Everything had wheat except pork chops but legit service and out of smokers range

ChillinScore: 2