Last day in Charleston, South Carolina

Day 8 in Charleston, my last day!

So this is the last travel blog post of my adventures in Charleston, after a week it has come to a close and been an ultimate adventure, I call it the New York of the South.

If you haven’t read past updates I’ve posted just about everyday I was there and what I did that day and all my adventures inside each post so go back and check them out if your thinking about visiting or bored and chillin. The last day I explored Waterfront park, the Market Pavilion hotel that Anthony Bourdain once visited and randomly exploring the city streets. I also had lunch at the Market Pavilion and dinner at Melvins BBQ NOM.

Last Day

Market Pavilion Hotel Lunch

The market pavilion hotel is cool but not worth the $600 night cool, it’s kind of dated with an old school look and vintage feel since it is old. However the food was all basically Sysco frozen crap you can buy anywhere in the US and the pool and upstairs deck was probably the coolest part. However the plastic windows blocking the view so birds or people don’t jump is absolute shit, way to ruin one of the best views in the city. They also have no gluten-free bread!

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Aquarium, Liberty Square, and 167 Raw

Day 7 in Charleston, South Carolina

We start off by going to the Aquarium since every city I visit I must visit a zoo or an aquarium to check on the animals and tell them whats up, they all wait for me too and give me a great photo opportunity.

Let’s go to the Charleston Aquarium!

DSC_0179 (Large)

You walk into Liberty Square which has Ft. Sumter Boat & Aquarium

DSC_0184 (Large)

Beautiful Architecture of the Entrance

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Moon-pie, Grilled Cheese, and Charleston’s Museum Fun

My day 5 & 6 Adventures in Charleston, South Carolina

2015-11-12 17.14.56 (Large)
Woke up day 5 and knowing someone in my family loves Moon-pies I adventured down town to the market to hit up one of the official Moon-pie stores. I adventured in the area and that day for breakfast just grabbed breakfast at home and then ended up that night finding a spot called Cory’s Grilled Cheese. Day 5 was a pretty slow day, so day 6 has a lot more adventuring with the museum.

They have a variety of moon pie merchandise as well as a soda ice cream shop in the back, also you can pose with a huge moon pie. I still hate moon-pie for not having a gluten free option, make a gluten-free moon pie!



2015-11-12 21.17.13 (Large)

Gentlemen at a bar told me if I loved sandwiches there was a place that served grilled cheese sandwiches and many different varieties. Now I’ve heard of Tom+Chee and what not but being within 5 miles of this place I had to go. Took about 10 minutes from downtown Charleston and arrived in the back of a shopping center to an empty Cory’s Grilled Cheese… why was it empty I have NO CLUE!?!

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BBQ, Hobbit Holes, Gardens, and a Dungeon!

My day 3 & 4 adventures scouring Charleston, South Carolina

2015-11-10 15.03.33 (Medium)

     So after day 1 getting here, day 2 exploring King St, day 3 & 4 has lead me out to venture a little more and start using my camera as well as YELP app to explore more touristy things. My first day jumping into a coffee shop to grab some coffee to coming out noticing someone hit my tailight on my rental. The one thing that’s scary about Charleston is the narrow streets and mostly parallel parking everywhere, luckily had insurance so who cares right?!!

After a visit to Pepboys and GMC to just see if it’s cheaper to fix it myself was a let down, they wanted $600 for a taillight how bullshit is that. Well nextstop was lunch and I passed a spot called Swig & Swine I saw on Yelp as top rated so I had to pay it a visit.


Swig & Swine, some damn good BBQ.

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King St, Proof, the Macintosh and visiting a Harris Teeter

Day 2 in Charleston, South Carolina

So on my second day in Charleston after day 1 flying in and going to sleep I then bookmarked all the gluten-free restaurants/places I could find to set out on an adventure. First I needed to grab some clothes and shoes and ended up at Tanger Outlets for a wardrobe then found a Sperry store on “King St.”. I had no idea at the time King St. was the happening part of Charleston, located in historic downtown near Charleston College, this place has bars, restaurants, shops, Gucci, and everything you could imagine. If you were to teleport into Hogwarts and go shopping, some of shops here would remind you of that, real old school magical feel. 41bVJ2ocTML._SY395_

Once I got some new legit Sperry gold toe shoes I wanted to find a good bar, so read on below and hit read more to see my reviews and photos of my first day adventure in Charleston. It was raining bad yesterday so I didn’t get much shots of the outside, historic part.

proof4 (Medium)

Near where I parked on King St.

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CC Airport and American Airlines Losing Luggage

airport2 (Medium)

Busy Corpus Christi

This week I will be updating my blog with my journey to Charleston, South Carolina. I left Corpus Christi had a layover in Dallas (where my bags got lost) and finally arrived in Charleston. The adventure shall begin, but wait I don’t have any clothes, noooooooooooo.

Also the TSA at Corpus Christi is a hassle like the million dollar scanners machines must suck that you still had to totally rip apart someones bag in front of 20 other customers, like the sorority girl in front of me. I’m sure she wasn’t happy with you pulling all her bras and panties out of while kids watched. Maybe TSA have a dedicated search station not within the eyes of customers???

airport1 (Medium)

Dallas Airport is beautiful and a flight next to mine was going to Sydney (oyyy mate!) I also like looking at the people and being like ALL THEM AUSSIES THERE MATE. That must be a long ass shitty flight unless your flying first class, eholey! Anyways I get to Charleston and they don’t have my luggage alongside 5 other people and apparently some lazy ass employee just forgot to throw our bags on the plane?? I mean how do you fucking forget a bag that’s there? Finally they found my bag the next day and had it delivered and nothing was stolen thank goodness.The entire Charleston airport is under construction to at the moment, so nothing pretty there.

airport3 (Medium)

Flying over Dallas

Keep Chillin this week for more posts!