Moon-pie, Grilled Cheese, and Charleston’s Museum Fun

My day 5 & 6 Adventures in Charleston, South Carolina

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Woke up day 5 and knowing someone in my family loves Moon-pies I adventured down town to the market to hit up one of the official Moon-pie stores. I adventured in the area and that day for breakfast just grabbed breakfast at home and then ended up that night finding a spot called Cory’s Grilled Cheese. Day 5 was a pretty slow day, so day 6 has a lot more adventuring with the museum.

They have a variety of moon pie merchandise as well as a soda ice cream shop in the back, also you can pose with a huge moon pie. I still hate moon-pie for not having a gluten free option, make a gluten-free moon pie!



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Gentlemen at a bar told me if I loved sandwiches there was a place that served grilled cheese sandwiches and many different varieties. Now I’ve heard of Tom+Chee and what not but being within 5 miles of this place I had to go. Took about 10 minutes from downtown Charleston and arrived in the back of a shopping center to an empty Cory’s Grilled Cheese… why was it empty I have NO CLUE!?!

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