Vegas 3: Yardbird, Level Up, STACK at Mirage, Last Day


not even good, how do you fuck up deviled eggs

Really wanted to try this place the last few times I’ve been in Vegas. While I note 3 stars for having gluten free fried chicken, the chicken itself was horrible. Dry, way to spicy, and had no real crunch. I’ve made better gluten free chicken at home cheaper than $30.

The service was great at first then quickly lead to a downhill battle of when would he get the check, etc back and forth. This is another typical “dress up the inside real nice” and attract the tourists spot, at least in my opinion or experience when I went.


They also take 30+ extra minutes for the gluten free chicken which was the reason I went. However next time I’ll find a better spot. A+ for effort though, I appreciate any restaurant giving gluten free patrons a substitute.

“gluten free fried chicken+ burn your asshole spicy”

Defcon, Level Up, More Below:

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Salento Wine Cafe (Houston)

Awesome spot in Rice Village forgot what its called.

Dino Ramo Campsite Disney World

Dino Ramo, Animal Kingdom, Orlando, Florida

Cannibals! Wait an hour for chicken and then have birds want to eat their brothers from another mother! Was good though.

ChilinScore: 3

Boneheads (College Station)

Boneheads, College Station, Texas

This is like the best place ever, it’s like crack.. not that I know the addiction but im telling you, first time you eat it your like hmm interesting then you wake up the next day and your like scratching for Boneheads and their famous PIRI PIRI sauce. one million stars.

Grilled Sweet Potatoes? I think so.