The San Diego Zoo, the Zoo of all Zoos, or is it?

san diego

Driving down San Diego freeway this Southwest Jet just flew right over us, to cool!

Finally get to visit the big cheese, the one, the only, San Diego Zoo! From what I’ve read this is supposedly one of if not the best Zoo in the world. Finally on this journey we get to explore the Zoo and see what it’s all about. Come along for the journey as I go chill at the San Diego Zoo. Turn’s out it really wasn’t all that hyped up as one thought it would be, for one the Memphis Zoo is way better in my opinion to name one.

Spotted a Disney Cruise Line ship, had no idea they went to San Diego.

The San Diego Zoo is also not for older people, or people with bad fitness skills as there are many hills and bridges to cross. Mostly upwards motion going on in this place, so be prepared to walk! Overall it’s a 3 on a 1-5 Zoo’s. Price per adult ticket= $54. Also the most expensive Zoo I’ve been too, minus Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

San Diego

Let’s go into the 1, the only, the San Diego Zoo!

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Uchi <3 (Houston)

Uchi, Houston, Texas

Uchi uchi cuhci uchic booxhi guccu this is some good food.

Baba Yega take 10

Oooh Baba Yega

miss u

Saltwater Grill (Corpus Christi)

Saltwater Grill, Corpus Christi, Texas

Great service + seafood.

Saltgrass (College Station)

Saltgrass, College Station, Texas

New steakhouse in CS, great service, great food. Only downside was waiter served us an appetizer with a huge black hair in it, and quickly sent it back. Other than hygiene issues was a fulfilling meal.

HUGE Gluten-Free menu

Napa Flats (College Station)

Napa Flats, College Station, Texas

Great food, great price, always great service. It’s not like top of the line, but it’s not bottom line either.

Tailfins (Corpus Christi)

Tailfins, Corpus Christi, Tx

Paris Creperie (Rice Village)

Paris Creperie, Rice Village, Houston, TX

Still one of my top 3 favorite brunch spots, best crepes ever.

ChillinScore: 5

Pappas Seafood (Houston)

Pappas Seafood, Houston, Tx

Excellent food, gluten-free menu

ChillinScore: 3

1 2 3