So Restaurant Bar, Little Rock, AR -gluten free fine dining

Gluten Free Review
+accommodate gluten free very well
+chocolate sack (lol) can be made gluten free


An epic winter time cocktail with lime, apple, cinnamon, rum! yum.

So making the rounds since moving to LR to all the fine dining establishments I think I’ve finally found one I’ve said “I’d come back here next week”. I kept avoiding it because the reviews about over priced, blah blah blah. However this place is on par with some Texas steak houses that rival the beef quality of So’s Filet.

If your in the area, you must try SO. They need a better name though!

Ordered multiple cocktails, Winters Mule, Green Tea, Strawberry Martini all were poured perfectly and had a great ratio. Even though the green tea drink is meant to be a shooter it was still good. Winters Mule is my recommendation to try while it lasts, great balance of flavors. The filet Mignon came out perfect medium rare and the mash potatoes were bone marrow infused and cut with the filet was an amazing pairing choice.

For dessert we got the Cardamon Creme Brulee, sort of small but super appetizing and had an aperitif that leaves your palet feeling like your full and you want nothing else. The Chocolate Sack we got to go and they made it gluten free with the cake/crumbles on the side. Even packed the to-go box with ice to keep it safe from melting. Check this place out if your in the area, so damn good.


Arthur’s Steakhouse in Little Rock, AR

Huzzah! Knights of the Round Table, wanted to find a new joint in Little Rock that was royal as King Arthur himself, so hopefully this restaurant would suit him, review below.


tasty Moscow Mule

Gluten Free Review
+ask your server
+no separate menu

Went here for the lady’s birthday and a royal occasion. Walking in there was a lawn crew blowing leaves with their truck at the front door so we had to wait till they stopped to walk in, they must have been running late that day. The inside is very dark, ornate, almost dated, but has a good feel and smell’s pleasant. The chairs, menus could use an update, the chairs were worn with chipped wood, paint, etc. The menus we both got were dirty with stains, markings, and wrinkles, however we had to give it a shot!


Our waitress was cool, almost to cool, and the service was mostly awesome, even with the I think owner coming out discussing issues with his staff and asking how our food was. He was there which makes me feel comfortable.


Pork Belly + Feta + Watermelon = Excellent.

We started with some libations and an appetizer and both were excellent, changed my views immediately on the minor indifference’s of Arthur’s. It was pork belly with watermelon? I mean who would have thought they pair so nicely. The steaks were cooked perfectly, the sweet potato sides were awesome. The food was excellent.


Feast at Arthur’s of Steak + Sweet Potatoes + Brussels

The only reason for not 1 star besides the small issues, was the desert “prepared table side” bananas fosters. What we got? a chic with her lighter that barely lit light up a 2 second flame on this ice cream and bananas dish. Then she laughed and walked off, It was like taking a shot of rum each bite. Dessert was crap, however everything else was excellent will def be back!


Looks good, but that liquid is pure rum. Tasted like shit, well the rum lover in me loves rum don’t get me wrong but I wanted it to be so damn good.

Trip to Asia Cafe in CC and a retry at Bleu Bistro

Asia Cafe: Saw this spot driving by on my daily route and being gluten-free never wanted to stop here due to one time called and they didn’t carry gluten-free soy sauce.

However, I saw a “Pho” sign and was like bam let’s try it, the service, interior, and staff were all on point and offered excellent accommodations.


Pretty good Pho first time around!


Char-grilled Beef with Spring Rolls

There Thai tea is amazing as well as their regular sweet tea. They have a full sushi bar, lobster tank, and a few TV’s to watch. I got a Rainbow roll and some Pho with beef, it was all very good. Saves me so much time now from driving all the way across town to another Pho place. The second time I went was a total let down, full of fatty meat and the broth tasted like water, and I went a third time and was the same, so crossed this one off my list, sad because I had such high hopes and now it went to shit.

Next stop: A re visit to Bleu Bistro in Downtown Corpus, hit read more!

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King St, Proof, the Macintosh and visiting a Harris Teeter

Day 2 in Charleston, South Carolina

So on my second day in Charleston after day 1 flying in and going to sleep I then bookmarked all the gluten-free restaurants/places I could find to set out on an adventure. First I needed to grab some clothes and shoes and ended up at Tanger Outlets for a wardrobe then found a Sperry store on “King St.”. I had no idea at the time King St. was the happening part of Charleston, located in historic downtown near Charleston College, this place has bars, restaurants, shops, Gucci, and everything you could imagine. If you were to teleport into Hogwarts and go shopping, some of shops here would remind you of that, real old school magical feel. 41bVJ2ocTML._SY395_

Once I got some new legit Sperry gold toe shoes I wanted to find a good bar, so read on below and hit read more to see my reviews and photos of my first day adventure in Charleston. It was raining bad yesterday so I didn’t get much shots of the outside, historic part.

proof4 (Medium)

Near where I parked on King St.

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