Weekend trip to Houston and College Station

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Had to go back up to College Station for a graduation party, but first had to drop the lady’s dog off at a Vet in Houston who is known for having his TV show on Animal Planet. This was like the most baller Vet I’ve ever seen, each floor was for a different species. It also looked like it was going to rain but we first had to stop and grub at Saltgrass which is always tasty and had some Chuck Wagon Cheese Fries.


Chuck Wagon Cheese Fries (gluten free) NOM.


Also, wouldn’t be a Texas road trip without a stop at Buc-EEs or Pjraseks

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Let’s play catch up on the last few days..ChillinFood

Okay so the last couple of days I’ve been pretty busy and doing some moving, so this blog post will just be a bunch of food photos I took and quick explanation of what I ate in the past week from Corpus Christi to College Station, and my favorite brunch spot. So if your looking for an entertaining post, move on the next one haha. This is a catch up post!

catch up

Favorite brunch in Corpus (Atomic Omelette)

catch up

This food goes so hard it’s legendary.

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2016 Perrine Winery Red Amarone

Got this from the bro and it turned out to be an excellent red wine, never heard of Amarone before but I chilled it and drunk it literally in 30 minutes. Was super tasty and real good fruity notes and I def need to get a case of this shipped to me.

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from the Perrine Website:
The Huguenot
Our premium whites and reds and our dessert wines. Series named for Daniel “The Huguenot” Perrine, the first Perrine to come to the new world from France in the mid 1600’s.
Varietal Wines and Blends – $6.50 / 6oz glass; Whites $14.50 / 750ml bottle; Reds $18.95 / 750 ml bottle
Amaronea dry blend of Italian grown Corvina, Rondinella, & Molinara varietals. It is an intense, full flavor, full bodied wine with a sweet bouquet and flavors of cherries, plums, a hint of oak & dark chocolate.
Go check them out if your in College Station, or online.

Luigis Italian Experience (College Station)

Always drove passed Luigis and never thought twice about them having “rice pasta” or being gluten-free friendly. I checked out their menu randomly and was like RICE PASTA?!!? LETS GO!
First of all walking in to a water fountain and live musicians singing was the most epic experience I’ve seen so far in College Station… this restaurant transports you to Italy with the theme, the music, and the service. Our waitress Taylor was professional, awesome, and very knowledgeable about the entrees, items and any questions about the menu.

Got some Pinot Grigio and lady got sangria and I tasted it and quickly switched to sangria haha, it was so darn good and tasty. Tasted like deserted on an Italian island and all I had was fresh fruit and made some epic drink with it. YUM. Had a shrimp appetizer with some kind of rice and the mussels. Mi lady loved the mussels and the shrimp with rice was like oooooomg I dunno what it was but the sauce on that dish was so good.

I haven’t been able to find veal scallopini anywhere that does it gluten-free usually places pre-deep fry it or something but the chef was able to accommodate me with a proper veal dish with scalloped potatoes and fresh veggies which was some of the best I have had in a long time.
I had no idea this gem was hiding in College Station and now I’m ready to go back and listen to more live music and drink some sangria and try the rice pasta next time! Awesome job Luigi!

Azure (College Station)

Azure, College Station, Texas

Gluten-Free Champions… don’t you love it when people actually don’t marinate everything! These guys can make all your food with gluten-free soy sauce per request and it tastes EPIC. If your near College Station, go here, this place is GOOD. Best fried rice I’ve had in a long time.

I’ll do a review soon of the best gluten-free soy sauces!

A tasting experience at Torchys Taco in College Station

Always saw the line puring out of this place and decided to try it one day. They do offer gluten free items except only problem with me is I’m also allergic to corn. Which is what the tortillas are made out of, so I tried only a few bites and also got some appetizers. The food was cold, way over spiced, and cilantro was on everything. Was all HYPE.

Aji Cucumber Roll Eh

Cucumber Roll, EH.

Babylon Cafe

Babylon Cafe, College Station, TX

Awesome food, shit service.

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