Maddens College Station

Maddens, College Station, TX


Boneheads <3

Boneheads, College Station, TX

Eh, the half chicken is the best but always out.

Sake at Aji

Murdered some Sake that night. Pink one was the best the others were melon and fruity notes NOTES NOTES NOTES.

40 Tempura, College Station, TX

Espresso at 1540


Johnny Carinos CS

Johnny Carinos, College Station, TX


epic food for gluten-free peeps and it’s pretty nom, that dairy though GMO you know.


Veritas, College Station, Texas

Pork Shank + Australian Waygu beef with side of veg.

Eh was much better the first time around, this time around a $50 plate of beef tasted like Whataburger on a plate with sauce tossed around it. Will be holding off from Verita’s for awhile.

Lunch here is always excellent.

1541 (College Station)

kit kat meow BAM kit kat meow meow

1541 Coffee, College Station, Texas

Aji <3 excellent Pho

Aji Sushi, College Station, Texas

Best Sushi, Best Pho.


Christopher’s, College Station, Texas

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