Maddens Again

Maddens, College Station, Texas

Had lunch and then came back for dinner, was excellent as usual.

ChillinScore: 5

Veritas Another Day

Veritas, College Station, Texas

Excellent food, Excellent service for lunch, usually dinner sucks for some reason here

ChillinScore: 4

Saltgrass (College Station)

Saltgrass, College Station, Texas

New steakhouse in CS, great service, great food. Only downside was waiter served us an appetizer with a huge black hair in it, and quickly sent it back. Other than hygiene issues was a fulfilling meal.

HUGE Gluten-Free menu

Boneheads (College Station)

Boneheads, College Station, Texas

This is like the best place ever, it’s like crack.. not that I know the addiction but im telling you, first time you eat it your like hmm interesting then you wake up the next day and your like scratching for Boneheads and their famous PIRI PIRI sauce. one million stars.

Grilled Sweet Potatoes? I think so.

40 Tempura (College Station)

40 Tempura, College Station, Texas

This place is good, has gluten-free soy sauce, menu items, etc.

Only thing is basically 90% of their sushi rolls are fried/deep fried. grr.

Napa Flats (College Station)

Napa Flats, College Station, Texas

Great food, great price, always great service. It’s not like top of the line, but it’s not bottom line either.

Babylon Cafe (College Station)

Babylon Mediterranean Grill, College Station, Texas

When I went the service was 1 girl and the owners walking around not helping anyone, or at least us. The food however was really good. Will be back asap.

Grub Burger (College Station)

Grub Burger Bar, College Station, Texas

Excellent as always.

Christopher’s (College Station)

Christophers World Grill, College Station, Texas

take 5 lol

This place is always good, but the Foi Gras this time was some of the worst I’ve had. But Christophers is still the best food in College Station

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