Let’s play catch up on the last few days..ChillinFood

Okay so the last couple of days I’ve been pretty busy and doing some moving, so this blog post will just be a bunch of food photos I took and quick explanation of what I ate in the past week from Corpus Christi to College Station, and my favorite brunch spot. So if your looking for an entertaining post, move on the next one haha. This is a catch up post!

catch up

Favorite brunch in Corpus (Atomic Omelette)

catch up

This food goes so hard it’s legendary.

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Trip to Asia Cafe in CC and a retry at Bleu Bistro

Asia Cafe: Saw this spot driving by on my daily route and being gluten-free never wanted to stop here due to one time called and they didn’t carry gluten-free soy sauce.

However, I saw a “Pho” sign and was like bam let’s try it, the service, interior, and staff were all on point and offered excellent accommodations.


Pretty good Pho first time around!


Char-grilled Beef with Spring Rolls

There Thai tea is amazing as well as their regular sweet tea. They have a full sushi bar, lobster tank, and a few TV’s to watch. I got a Rainbow roll and some Pho with beef, it was all very good. Saves me so much time now from driving all the way across town to another Pho place. The second time I went was a total let down, full of fatty meat and the broth tasted like water, and I went a third time and was the same, so crossed this one off my list, sad because I had such high hopes and now it went to shit.

Next stop: A re visit to Bleu Bistro in Downtown Corpus, hit read more!

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Gluten Free Pizza in Corpus Christi and some Tea

So I wanted to go hit up a few new places in downtown Corpus Christi that I haven’t been to in awhile and one used to be called Fandango Tea room that was an epic spot to grab food, now it’s opened up as something else and I read they have gluten-free options. So I decided to go on a journey to a few new places in Corpus.

First Stop: Lotus Dream Teas


Lots of tea! Cool place, they make there own blends and have variety of bath soaps, etc

Smelt like chili powder going in and realizing they were making their own blend, this Harry Potter feel potions class shop is an epic amazement to ones eye and senses. I’d love to move in here or work here, it’s a pretty cool small quaint place.

The rack all of the teas and the excellent service by the owner was fantastic, I scooped up some black tea as well as some Gun powder green tea which I can’t wait to brew up. Go check this spot out near the old Ying Yang spot downtown. Hit Read More…

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CC Airport and American Airlines Losing Luggage

airport2 (Medium)

Busy Corpus Christi

This week I will be updating my blog with my journey to Charleston, South Carolina. I left Corpus Christi had a layover in Dallas (where my bags got lost) and finally arrived in Charleston. The adventure shall begin, but wait I don’t have any clothes, noooooooooooo.

Also the TSA at Corpus Christi is a hassle like the million dollar scanners machines must suck that you still had to totally rip apart someones bag in front of 20 other customers, like the sorority girl in front of me. I’m sure she wasn’t happy with you pulling all her bras and panties out of while kids watched. Maybe TSA have a dedicated search station not within the eyes of customers???

airport1 (Medium)

Dallas Airport is beautiful and a flight next to mine was going to Sydney (oyyy mate!) I also like looking at the people and being like ALL THEM AUSSIES THERE MATE. That must be a long ass shitty flight unless your flying first class, eholey! Anyways I get to Charleston and they don’t have my luggage alongside 5 other people and apparently some lazy ass employee just forgot to throw our bags on the plane?? I mean how do you fucking forget a bag that’s there? Finally they found my bag the next day and had it delivered and nothing was stolen thank goodness.The entire Charleston airport is under construction to at the moment, so nothing pretty there.

airport3 (Medium)

Flying over Dallas

Keep Chillin this week for more posts!

Waterstreet (Corpus Christi)

Puppydrum and bacon wrapped shrimp

Waterstreet, Corpus Christi, Tx

ChillinScore: 1

Crispy Duck Vietnam (Corpus Christi)

Crispy Duck

Vietnam, Corpus Christi, Tx

ChillinScore: 3

Republic of Texas (Corpus Christi)

Beef Waygu 6oz
Republic of Texas, Corpus Christi, Tx