Polar bears, Giraffes oh my at the Detroit Zoo

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I love Zoo’s.
Detroit Zoo is pretty elite.

This Zoo is huge and almost walked 3 miles here and takes about 2 hours to complete, the day we went the lady at the ticket counter was the rudest person I’ve ever encountered. All the restaurants were were closed except the gift shops. It was a Thursday at 2 P.M. Most of the animals and staff were friendly and they were setting up for Halloween which looked to be pretty legit and exciting, wish I could have gone during a Halloween event!
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The pumpkins displayed were awesome and art of there own. The black squirrels are an epic find and saw about 100 them. The parking here is also super easy, just park in the garage in the back and walk about 100 feet and your good to go. The polar bear exhibit was def my favorite and spacious, was super proud the zoo kept this bear happy.



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This Zoo is chillin approved and I’ve been to a lot of different Zoo’s this is def in m top 5. If your in the area or debating to go, hit it up! Prepare for the stink in the Penguins! Also don’t miss the Bush dogs, by far one of the coolest animals I’ve seen in awhile. Click on read more to see all my photos from the Detroit Zoo visit, you will find Polar Bears, Giraffes, Monkeys, Penguins and much more, ahhh zoooooo!

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Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Novi, Detroit)

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Didn’t expect to find a farmers market near Novi Detroit and turned out to be an awesome store!
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The gluten-free selection is A+ and had many local bakeries and pies and bread! Gluten-Free Oh My! Fresh Thyme Market was legit and a great way for me to explore the local produce,export,import of this region.

I got some elite dairy raspberry lemonade and fruit juice and mixed it with some vodka was excellent. The parking was easy and the store was fresh, organic, and clean. The staff were also helpful in helping me find the bathroom!


Also how about some 50lb bags of carrots or potatoes? I’ve never seen this in my life. Pretty legit if your a rabbit!

Parmenter’s Northville Cider Mill , Northville Michigan

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So what is hott and cool up in Michigan? Cider Mills! These are what you do in the winter, summer, fall, you name it these places have lines out the door at 2PM on a Wednesday! The apple cider is excellent and the donuts are not gluten-free BOOHOO but the fudge hut has some of the best fudge ever. You park, get out, get in line and wait about 20-30 minutes and smell the intense smells of apples, fudge, and cinnamon omg smells excellent. Tell the cashiers what you want and bam good to go.

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Only problem I have with this cider mill is the fact they have literally 0 business sense… the lines, placement and entire business model is pretty bad. I could totally re-arrange this layout, add more flavors or cinnamon, hot cider, pumpkin cider, etc… It’s all super basic and their prices are really cheap.

2015-10-07 16.09.31 (Large)I’m pretty sure I could turn this into a million dollar a year to a ten million dollar a year business, but none the less it’s vintage, old, and a little dated. However the cider is excellent, and the fudge is great. Maybe one day they will have gluten-free donuts. The winery is absolute shit, the room is super small, the bar is in the very back in a corner and impossible to get to and try an order cider from. The bartender was great however. I wish they could expand the size of that bar and bank out some money. But none the less for my first cider mill this place was pretty elite and smelt amazing, don’t swat all the honey bees! Also check out the duck pond in the back. See more to see more photos.

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Toasted Oak Grill and Market, Novi Detroit

I really wanted to sample some local fair for being in a new place (Novi, Detroit). I checked out YELP for the best restaurants in the local area and found the Toasted Oak that was attached to a $300 a night hotel. We parked and walked in and a hostess greeted us and sat us down and we were the only people in the place on a Weds at 3PM. We came back Friday night and the place was slammed and service was overwhelmed.


With the YELP app you can check-in and get a order of Kabesa sausage for free which is the most epic tasting sausage ever, tastes so darn good. We also got some wine which was $4 happy hour and was excellent. The place is legit on the inside and very cool winter feel all we needed was snow. They have a retail store of overpriced wine bottles and knick nacks for home and wine.

I got the truffle fries and fritas for the first night which were tasty, excellent and full of flavor. The Friday night I went back I got the grass fed Michigan beef which has nothing on Texas beef, it was fat, chewy and had little to no flavor. However the lavender infused drink was absolute crap and the drinks were inconsistent from the day before.


The bartender on Friday night ran out of a drink special and I told him just make something similar or something he likes, our first day waiter came back and told us the bartender will not do that pick something on the menu. (How dare you bartender?! You work off tips, I’ll be sure to let management know to change your attitude or fire your @ss. You didn’t prep enough cocktails for the night and then have the audacity to tell me you won’t make something similar.


For dessert on Friday night we got a apple tart pie and I got a custard which was gluten-free and amazing. The only reason for not 5 stars is a crappy bartender on Friday night and also not having a gluten-free menu or gluten-free bread. GET WITH IT TOASTED.

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Avis Detroit Metropolitan Airport Nightmare

After them not answering the phones for 30 minutes at the Detroit Airport we took a risk, boarded a bus, and arrived at Avis 10 minutes later with bus drivers who drive so fast the luggage slides off the racks.
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Then with 2 check-in employees and about 18 people in line moving at a snails pace and one of the older employees checking people in asking about customers days and what there doing while we sweated in line for over an hour and a half. We booked a BMW X5 online and after an over hour wait we finally got our customer service representative who barely spoke English and told us she was “hooking us up” and giving us a “great rate” and she couldn’t believe we got this luxury car for “so cheap”. Thirty minutes go by of her typing away and we finally go outside to pick up our ride and it’s a X3 which is a micro machine compared to an X5.

We walked back inside and said ma’am we booked an X5 and she goes oh let me see, oh it’s X3 I’m sorry and she goes let me get the manager (took 10 minutes for a manager to come.) She explains soon as I’m done with you guys I’m leaving for the night I’m so tired, while 20 customers were still waiting in line.

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Also told us she would give it to us at the same rate, even though we already paid for an x5. The manager comes and goes sorry it says X5 or other.. we go what the fk.. this is BS. I go okay she said she will give it to us at same price and he goes she doesn’t have the authority to do so. We said whatever give us the X5 and we will worry about it later. Twenty more minutes go by and finally the car arrives, brand new X5 fresh to death bam what we ordered.


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Needless to say, please stay away from fuckhole Avis and go with Enterprise or somewhere else, this location of Avis is a complete and udder failure of American business. Fuck you Avis.

Cool River Cafe at Dallas Love Airport

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Was traveling to Detroit, Michigan and had a layover at the Dallas Love Airport. Gave this overpriced Cool River Cafe restaurant a try which was crap food quality and some real crappy airport service. The food was dry, bland, seemed all frozen with little to no flavor and they didn’t even ask what time our flight was. I guess I’m use to that Houston hospitality.  They also had no gluten-free menu or gluten free bread. I chose a ceasar salad with chicken oh my!

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no gluten free bread, what?!?!

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crabby cakes